May Glossybox First Impressions


After all the hype that was made for this month’s Glossybox I was very excited to recieve mine. We were told Glossybox were teaming up with a retailer for this month’s box. I got excited because usually the collaboration boxes are good. The post man delivered mine and I was so excited, but when I opened it I though…

Oh superdrug…

Then i started to think about all the amazing brands superdrug do like.. Bourjois, Gosh, Essie, Barry M, Sleek, Max Factor…
When opening my box my heart sank a bit…

Create an instant up style that’s great for day and evening with this doughnut ring from superdrug. RRP: £3.99


To start off with, my hair is blonde.. It had been blonde for years, and it has been blonde since joining Glossybox when I did my beauty profile. This really annoyed me, so annoyed that I emailed them to ask if they even consider our beauty profiles anymore, because this is useless to me.

Formulated with light reflecting particles and sweet almond oil, aloe vera and vitamin E to hydrate and soften the skin, this bronzing cream delivers instant radiance for a healthy looking, luminous glow. RRP: £2.99


This is another item I can’t use, I’m pale.. So a facial bronzer would look rather silly on me. And I’m pretty sure in your beauty profile it asks what skin tone you are. If it was an all over self tan I’d probably give it a go.. But I don’t think this 100ml bottle will do that.

Treat your to an arty and experimental twist on the norm with this CANDY NAIL Art from 2True PRO. These tiny beads provide you with an extra flair. RRP:£3


Something I can use! I love doing my nails. I have so many nail varnishes and when ever I recieve anything to do with nails I’m thrilled. I’ve never considered trying these beads so I’m excited to give it a go, and in my favourite colour too… Purple!

Rimmel’s first Mascara with an hourglass brush that plumps and curves lashes for an iconic 60’s look! The hourglass brush is shaped to the lash line, pushing up and out to create a bold, wide-eyed flash lash look. RRP:£6.99


Something else I can use! I love Mascara and always use it so receiving this was good. I’m intrigued to see if it does give you a false lash look, as when I’ve brought other mascaras before that promise the world I’m left dissapointed.

Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy milkshake RRP: £1.29


Well, they didn’t have alot to say about that did they! At first impressions, it looks like something I would of brought when I was 14. This is pretty low end to say that Glossybox is supposed to send out luxury samples… And yes I know this is a superdrug box.. But there are so many better lip glosses then this one. I tried some on my hand and to be fair it wasn’t as sticky as I was expecting. It does smell nice I must say that but nonetheless I’m rather disappointed.

Infused either argan, macademia, almond and rose oil the Oil Beauty Lotion helps replenish the skin with moisture and reinforce it’s barrier function to prevent it from feeling dry, leaving your skin feeling softer and silky smooth. RRP: £4.99 for 250ml


I always love trying out lotions, who doesn’t love having smooth skin? As a sample it’s great, but I’d of much preferred this as a full size to my other two dud items…

capturing the warm energy of the sun, GHOST Eclipse evokes feeling of carefree abandon. Get lost in the moment and lift your spirits with this intoxicating and addictive fruity floral fragrance.


I’m always a fan of receiving tester perfumes. I’m pretty obsessed with perfumes to be honest, yes I can admit it. Not so much a fan of receiving these test tubes as a main item, but as an extra i love it!

Overall this month’s box has dissapointed me. I look at other beauty bloggers boxes and some do look amazing.. But I feel like I’m on the Z list of boxes.. And I’ve been feeling that for quite some time now.
My feelings are at the moment are that if the next two boxes aren’t up to scratch I may end my subscription with Glossybox. I’ve been with them for a year and a half now, and this one has really annoyed me to be honest. My total box cost was just over £18. I know that’s better then some of the boxes people have received from the blogs I have read but with two of those items I’m not gonna even use its not very good.
I think maybe Glossybox are pinching the purse strings.. Or maybe sending boxes to bloggers they need to impress because then maybe from there review people will buy a box. Some popular beauty blogs I’ve read, there box cost was in the £40s… I don’t think this is fair at all.

Reviews for each item I will use will be in my next blog after a week of testing.

What did you get in your may Glossybox? I’d love to know! What are your feelings on this month’s box? Did you enjoy yours or were your feelings mixed like mine? Will you be canceling your subscription or giving them another chance?


20 thoughts on “May Glossybox First Impressions

  1. Oh man, I really don’t think they check the profiles at all. Or at least not for everyone. I know a few people got the anti aging cream last month and they’re under 20!!!!
    I really do hope they step it up, back to how they used to be. Not everything has to be a luxury brand but give us something different!
    Oh!! Thanks for checking my blog!!! : )

    • I don’t see the point in them if they just ignore them. I remember when I used to get Estee Lauder 8 hour cream samples and HD brow samples… Now it seems like I’m getting stuff I could pick up from tesco.. I’ve heard that Birchbox gives high end samples.. I wouldn’t mind just getting sample sizes all the time if it was for up market things I would buy. Isn’t the point of these boxes to try before you buy full price?
      No problem! I like reading what other people get and other thought today to do my own. Thanks for checking out mine! X

  2. Hey! You commented on my YouTube video regarding the May Glossybox! Thanks for watching! I just had a read of your blog about your box, that’s a shame that you got a bit of a dud box! I was very lucky this month, but if you want to swap doughnut rings, I’m more more than happy to! I got a blonde one!!

    I actually use the rimmel mascara you have got, it’s pretty good!! I got a L’oreal one ( it sounds like I’m rubbing it in, sorry!) I don’t like the brush very much but it does make my eyelashes bigger than normal!

    The tanning cream for my face… Not overly impressed! Why is it just for your face??? Pointless!!

    I’m tempted to try out Birchbox instead!


    • I’ve recently signed up to Birchbox I’m just awaiting this month’s box so I’ll let you know what I get! Ohh that would be great we could swap! I tried it in my hair but I could see the black doughnut ring and it was annoying me! I’m a bit of a perfectionist ha. I’m excited to try the Rimmel Mascara. I’m running out if the Mascara I currently have so it was good timing! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ve subscribed to yours so I’ll probably catch you next month 🙂 x

      • Hiya!

        Yeah, I’m happy to do a swapsies!! I think it’s because they asked me what my natural hair colour is and I said blonde!! I dye my hair brown! I need to change that!!

        Thanks for subscribing! Are you on bloglovin’?

      • Just starting out but I signed up to that yesterday just need to add my blog to it! Bit of a newbie to this! Started out I wanted to moan about my Glossybox but I’m kind of enjoying it now! It’s taken over my weekend haha! X

  3. Hi I was subscribed to glossybox for over a year and cancelled last month due to the shambles of a box I received (the contents of which are still in said box) and subscribed to birchbox instead, wow what a difference; Liz Earle, Benefit, Aromatherapy associates to name a few! I re subscribed to glossybox after seeing there “big collaberation” notifications everywhere and I wish I hadn’t. I got an awful box once again so think I will cancel glossybox again and carry on with birchbox! Birchbox is really leading the way!

    • I’ve recently signed up to Birchbox after hearing rave reviews. I’ve got some glossy dots to use it, this one was free thankfully, and I still have some left so I’ll probably use them for the next one again and see how next month’s turn out. But If I see I got a crap box again when everyone else got pretty decent or amazing ones I’ll be leaving too! You have made me excited to recieve my Birchbox now! As soon as I saw the benefit Mascara I was in! I’ve been wanting to try that for a while! Thanks for reading my blog, look out for my May Birchbox review when it comes! X

  4. Hey. Yea not a good box this month. Shame glossybox don’t give the same value boxes to everyone. Id rather a few good travel size items of decent high end brand than a box of full size duds that id be able to buy myself if I wanted. I definitely prefer birchbox, look forward to seeing your review x

  5. I unsubbed from GlossyBox a couple of months ago after a series of utterly dire boxes. Looks like nothing has changed. Might have to try Birch Box.

    • I signed up to Birchbox after hearing good reviews. Currently waiting for my May box, which I’m excited about after seeing there is benefits they’re real Mascara! Thanks for checking out my post x

  6. I got a Garnier BB Cream in mine and it has honestly been amazing! Best BB cream I have tried I am probably going to be doing a review on it soon it is that good. Sorry to hear your box was a bit rubbish x

    • Can’t win them all! I’ve never been much of a fan of the BB and CC creams. I like full coverage (because I hate my freckles lol) so when ever I’ve tried them on I feel naked ha. I brought Max factors 3-1 foundation today after seeing people getting the primers, along with alot of other things, Damn superdrug 3 for 2 ha.

      • Honestly don’t 3 for 2 ruins me. Its when I see ebates doing a Sephora 15% off it kills me. My bank account is in tatters at this point!

  7. The black doughnut ring is crazy! Did they totally disregard your beauty profile? I have not been impressed with Glossybox recently they saved themselves with the Superdrug selection I received but only just!

    • I emailed the customer services and they said because of the volume of boxes they send out now they can’t cater to the beauty profile… I was like so what’s the point in it then? My next box is with my glossydots so if that’s rubbish too ill be leaving and trying another box.

  8. Such a shame you got a rubbish box, hate to say it but I was dissapointed with mine but yours it even worse 😦 That seems to happen to me all the time though, I like the look of everyone else’s box better than mine. Which reminds me, I must unsubscribe before they take the next payment!
    Joey xx

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