Review: Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

So I’ve decided to review some products I use everyday while I’m trying out my Glossybox items. So my first item that I’m going to review is from one of my favourite shops, Bodyshop. The reason I love bodyshop is simple. They are against animal testing, a fair trade company and they are actively taking action to protect our planet. Plus there products are amazing! When there shop first popped up into my local shopping centre I thought it was rather expensive, but as of late they have been having lots of great offers. I’m constantly receiving special offers or coupons for 40% off or free delivery. This makes me come back everytime, cause everyone likes to know they are getting a good deal, right? So expect alot of Bodyshop stuff here..


This refreshing shampoo with ginger extract is perfect for dry scalps.

Flake clearing, scalp smoothing shampoo with refreshing ginger extract

I had a dry itchy scalp for some time and it was quite embarrassing. I couldn’t use Head and Shoulders because it would dry out my hair. I was stuck. I washed my hair as much as I could to maintain the flakes but they never went. I popped into my local Bodyshop and asked one of the helpful shop assistants for some advice. That’s another thing I love about this shop, the staff have good product knowledge. So after talking to the shop assistant for a couple of minutes, she recommended this product to me. A couple of questions I had were..

Will this dry out my hair?

Is this suitable for coloured hair?

Her answer to my first question is simple. This product isn’t formulated to condition your hair, but as long as you use a good conditioner after, your hair will be fine. Which is fair enough. As long as it doesn’t dry my hair out as much as Head and Shoulders did, which it didn’t.
Her answer to my second question was no, because the ingredients were natural, it won’t strip the blonde out if my hair and make it yellow, which it hasn’t. I was sold!

I brought the 400ml bottle because my hair is thick and I tend to go through shampoo like air. But it actually lasts longer then I thought it would. I’ve had it for a month now and I’ve only used just under a quater of it.

After the first use I could feel a difference in my hair straight away. It felt so clean and the flakes were going. I didn’t expect the mirical cure, there were still flakes but much less then previously. After my fourth use, they were completely gone. I was amazed. No more itching my head without realising! No more flakes on my shoulders, having to check them every so often! No more hair dressers pointing out I have a dry scalp!
Although they are gone, I still get the odd flake before I’m due to wash my hair, but I expect that because your hair needs cleaning. People would tell me how nice my hair looks when I’ve just washed it, and I agreed! It did look awesome.

I’d recommend this product if you are like me and suffer from a dry scalp or if you have dandruff. Don’t expect it to work straight away, keep using it and you will reap the benefits. The only thing that annoys me with this product is that there is no conditioner to go with it! So make sure you get a good conditioner as well, as this product isn’t designed to add moisture to your hair.

This product is available in two sizes.
250ml at £4.50
400ml at £6.50

Have you used this product? What did you think of it? Are you thinking of trying this product after reading my review? If you do please come back and let me know how you got on. Thanks for reading!


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