Review: Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil

Nourishing serum suitable for all hair types and for use on wet or dry hair. Instant shine, smooth finish. Weightless movement and leaves no residue. With Argan Oil and vitamin E.


I’ve been using this product for over a year now. I use it everytime I wash my hair. To be honest I haven’t used any other hair oils but that’s because I’ve been so happy with this one. Why change of it works eh?

I use this product when my hair is wet. Makes it easier to brush and makes my hair blow dry nicer. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth for days after. My hair is bleached so I need oils in my hair to put moisture back in because my ends easily get dry and break off, but using this has rejuvenated my hair. I’ve never used it on my dry hair because it seems too heavy for dry hair, and i have a different product I use on dry hair which is Avons Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry End Serum. I did a recent post about this. Check it out here

If your hair is dry, frizzy or your hair is bleached, this is the product for you. The 30ml bottle lasts me a good couple of months and with a price tag of £5.50 it’s a steal. It’s usually on offer for around £3 in the Avon catalogue if you have an Avon rep.

Do you use this product? What are your thoughts on it? Has my review made you want to try this product? If it has let me know! Do you use another argon Moroccan oil? Tell me about that! Thanks for reading my review x


2 thoughts on “Review: Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil

  1. Great review, funnily enough I have this product! I got it when it was on offer in avon, but haven’t used it yet as I’m trying to use up my other avon dry end serum before starting this! But now you mention you use it on wet hair (I use the dry end serum on dry hair) I think I’ll have to give ita go on wet hair 🙂 thanks xo

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