Review: MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil

This gorgeous warming Ginger Massage &  Body Oil from MONU Spa will leave skin luxuriously smooth and supple.


So this was out last month’s Glossybox. (April 2014) If you’re a long time Glossybox subscriber like myself you will have seen MONU Spa pop up in your box more then once. So I had a hard day and I felt like I needed to relax. I saw this on my dressing table and though, why not try it now!

Add a small amount to a warm bath to leave your skin beautifully nourished or warm a small amount between your hands and massage into the skin before washing in the bath or shower to leave your skin silky smooth.

I can honestly say, I am very impressed with this product. I enjoy a soak in the bath. I usually take my tablet in there with me and watch a couple of episodes of something on Netflix. I used this product in a warm bath. I filled one cap full and poured it into my bath. I left the bathroom for 5 minutes to get ready and upon  returning, the smell was amazing. It hit me as soon as I stepped into my bathroom. It left my skin feeling luxurious and I could smell the Ginger on me for hours after, and in my bathroom!  One thing I was worried about was it making my hair greasy, because other oils I have used have made my hair go greasy after a day and i was pleased that it didn’t! What it did do is make my hair smell amazing! When this runs out, I will be hopping over to the MONU Spa website to buy a full size one!

If your into your bath bombs and funky soaps or just a good old fashioned bubble bath, this is the item for you. I’m thinking of mixing this oil in with a bubble bath.. That will be my next experiment.
100ml bottle of this is £25, but if it lasts as long as I think it’s going to from the little sample I got, I think that it’s worth it!

Did you receive this product in your last Glossybox? What were your opinions on it? Will you be buying the full size product? Or if your new to this product, are you thinking of trying it? Let me know your opinions and thanks for checking out my blog x


2 thoughts on “Review: MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil

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