Review: Avon Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry End Serum

Immediately provies up to 100% shinier hair, leaves hair looking healthy and helps smooth dry damaged hair


Morning my lovelies!
So yeah I love Avons advanced techniques range. I’ve been using this for over a year. I always make sure I’m well stocked up.

Massage a few drops onto wet or dry hair. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

I have to use serums for my hair, as I’ve said in other posts, I have bleached hair and to maintain it I need quite a few products to keep my hair healthy. This is a staple in my hair routine. I use this after I straighten my hair, or if it just needs a bit of a lift. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy at all. Although it says you can use on wet or dry hair, I only use on dry hair, as I have the Argan Moroccan oil in the same range that i use for wet hair. (I recently did a review on this product, check it out here!) My hair never feels heavy with it in as I’ve noticed when I’ve used other serums. I’m trying to grow my hair, and I’m only having it cut every other time I go to the hair dressers, this maintains my split ends between cuts. I love it!

This item on Avons website is £5.50 for 30ml but it’s usually on offer for around £3 in the brochures you get from the Avon Representatives. If you suffer from split ends, fly away hair or dry hair, this is the product for you. With the price tag, how could you not?

Do you use this product? What are your opinions on it? Do you use any other serums? Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading x


10 thoughts on “Review: Avon Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry End Serum

  1. I’ve only just started following your blog but I think we’re going to get along well. I always use this after I straighten my hair. I have really thick curly hair which goes very frizzy as it dries and I always use the Moroccan oil after I wash my hair. I’ve also used the Advanced Techniques Hair Mask with Moroccan oil recently and it’s left my hair feeling so soft, have you tried it? xxx

    • Aren’t you sweet! Obviously were just amazing! I don’t use there hair mask actually! I tend to use the Planet Spa range for the hair masks which I’ve been enjoying but I might have to give it a go!

      • I’ve only ever used the Body Scrubs from Planet Spa and they were really good. I have a couple of hair masks at the moment so I should probably think about using those before I buy any more! xxx

  2. I use this serum, I agree with everything you’ve said its fab! It doesn’t make hair greasy at all and smells gorgeous too 🙂 also, you say you have quite damaged hair, how ofter do you wash your hair? Xo

    • I try not to wash it too often. For one it’s unhealthy for your hair and two the natural oils are good for your hair. Usually every 3 days. Sometimes 4.My hair never really gets that greasy due to it being dry.

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