Review: Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil

Wake yourself up with this reviving blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and Jupiter berry essential oils, perfect to shrug off sluggishness before showing.


So I received this is my May Birchbox and I was so excited to try it out after trying the MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil I received in April’s Glossybox.. (I recently did a review on this here ) so I run myself a bath, with my tablet fully charged watching an episode of House (I love Hugh Laurie at the moment!) and dived in… Not literally..

Add entire container to your bath or smooth it over your body before showering. Follow with appropriate body wash and moisturises if required.

So the sample i received wasn’t that big compared to the MONU Spa one I received. So I thought to make a good judgement I had to use the same amount in this bath then I did the other… So I poured it all in…
The smell was nice. But it didn’t seem to last very long, where as the MONU Spa oil lasted for hours after my bath, In my bathroom and on me! That disappointed me a little because it did smell nice. Also it didn’t really leave my skin as soft as again the MONU Spa oil. It seems like all I’m doing is banging on about the other product but for the price tag on this one I expected alot more if I’m honest.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be buying this product in the full size. Guess what I will be buying though? Yeah you already probably know… For £39 I think it’s over priced.

Have you tried this product? Did you enjoy it? Do you disagree with anything I have said? Let me know! X


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