Review: Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo


A lightweight spray that refreshes second day hair.

I received this product in my May Birchbox. I have quite a few dry shampoos at the moment, one from another beauty subscription and another I’ve brought myself. I like dry shampoo because I can’t wash my hair in the morning because it takes too long. If I wake up and my hair isn’t as fresh and id like it to be and I don’t have time to wash it, it’s handy to have around.

Shake vigorously before use. Keep nozel about 30cm from hair and spray onto roots. Leave for 10 minutes and massage into hair and scalp.

To be honest I wasn’t really blown away with this product. It doesn’t do a fat lot different from my Batiste dry shampoo I buy for a couple of quid. At £13.50 I was expecting a bit more. I go through dry shampoo within a month and I don’t mind spending a couple quid on Batista when it does the job. The one thing I have enjoyed about this product is that it does give your hair a bit of lift if your having a bad hair day.

For the price of this I won’t be buying the full size. I’m happy with my Batiste dry shampoo. If it was a bit cheaper then I would consider it but I just can’t bare to part with that sort of money for something I can get for a couple of quid that’s just as good!

Did you recieve this product? What did you think of it? Let me know!


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