Review: Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer Pen


Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer is a miracle product to give you the expert touch of a professional make-up artist. Light-diffusing formula and skin smoothing applicator ensure our concealer blends seamlessly into your skin.

I brought this in my Amazon Mini Haul. If you haven’t checked out the make up that Amazon does I recommend it. You might be surprised! They beat some high street prices. I brought this to use under my eyes and the odd blemish I get.

One thing I do agree with is that it blends well. But to be honest, it doesn’t last all that long. I had to twist the bottom so many times before anything came out which proves that you don’t get much for your money. I had to keep reapplying every two hours. The formula is too watery for my liking too so doesn’t give much coverage.

I’m really dissapointing with this. Usually I love everything Max Factor and you can never go wrong with them in my eyes, but this I have gone wrong with. It doesn’t last long enough for the price you pay. I’ve used really cheap products that have lasted longer then this. You can’t get a good coverage because the product is watery which is probably why it blends well because there isn’t much to it. It also runs out quickly. It didn’t feel like I had it all that long and it run out. Would I buy this again? No.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Any concealers your loving at the moment? Let me know!


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