Review: Nailgirls 3 in 1 Base/Topcoat & Nail Strengthener


I’m a huge fan of multi functional products. I received this in my June Glossybox and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was low on my top and Base coat so this was a welcomes addition!

This nail varnish can be used as a Base coat, top coat and a Strengthener. My nails are brittle. They chip easily, they flake alot so I need help to make them grow so a good Strengthener is always something I will need. The first time I used this I already had some nail varnish on so since I never put a top coat on I tried it over what I had on. My nails stayed shiny for days and felt so strong! They only chipped a little. Very impressed. I then got bored of my colour so use it for the Base coat and top coat this time. It dries so quickly and preps my nails for my nail varnish perfectly. It’s an all rounder, which is what I love in any product. My nails never really grow long these days, mostly because of work, but I haven’t had one break with this stuff on!

This Polish is £13.50 and to be honest, it’s worth every penny. You’re getting 3 products in one, so really you’re saving money, and saving room for other nail polishes! I’ve been looking on Amazon at the different colours they do and they have some on offer at the moment! I always check Amazon because they do really good prices on beauty products and these polishes are Prime Eligible for those who have Prime accounts! Which means free next day delivery! Alot are under £10 at the moment. I’m really excited to try more!

Did you receive this in your June glossybox? What did you think? Let me know!


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