Review: So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad


I received this in my June Glossybox. I’d never heard of this make before, but that’s the whole point in glossybox, trying out new brands. This Concealer Quad has four different shades that can be mixed together to create a match for your skin tone.

I usually use concealers under my eyes as I don’t tend to have many spots these days. I found using this i really had to work hard get the coverage i wanted, where as the stick cover ups i use its so much easier. It’s very light weight which is good for these hotter days, but the texture is also really dry which isn’t that good for me. It didn’t last that long too, and I found when I tried to reapply, it doesn’t work well when I have set my foundation because the formula is so dry it doesn’t mix well.
I was really disappointed with this I must say. If you have dry skin then this is your worst enemy. Makes your dry skin stand out a mile away. Although if you have oily skin this would be good for you. I just hated how much hard work it was to get a decent colour out of it. I wouldn’t mind it taking so long if it stayed put a big chunk of the day but it really doesn’t. Just a couple of hours till I had to reapply and that was a nightmare too. All in all, I wouldn’t purchase this.

Did you receive this in your June Glossybox? What did you think? Let me know!


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