Review: Dead Sea Mud Spa


An extraordinary cleansing experience featuring the benefits of Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt, seaweed and kelp in a formulation infused into bamboo fabric masks. This allows optimal absorption and maximum cleansing while featuring 99% natural ingredients.

I received this in my June You Beauty Discovery Box. I have seen these before in most drug stores and used them quite a lot when I was a kid so it was a nice little reminder of this product.

Remove make up and cleanse skin. Remove and unfold mask. Lean back, relax and put the mask on face, patting it down for maximum contact. Leave to work for 10-15 minutes to cool & calm your skin. Remove. Gently massage in any excess liquid. Splash face with cold water, pat dry.

The one thing I love a out this face mask is that you don’t have to wash it off your face. That’s one thing that really annoys me about masks. You just lay the mask on top of your face and it leaves hardly anything on your face to scrub off. The one thing that annoyed me is the shape cut out for your nose, eyes and mouth. It didn’t really fit right and took me ages to get comfortable on my face, plus it only covered one half of my nose.. Strange. Anyway.. The good parts! It’s soothing, smells good, relaxing and the coolness on the face after a hot day was really refreshing.

For the price it’s very good. A nice little treat to pick up while shopping. I looked on the Boots website and they have them for £1.49 which seems pretty standard. Like I mentioned before, the size for the face didn’t really suit me well but it might for others. Can’t fault the outcome of using this though. I would definitely buy another.

Have you tried this face mask before? What did you think? Let me know!


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