Review: Healine Colors Nail Polish


Headline Colors is a trend led nail brand that launches a select 5 shades each micro-season. It confuses me though that it’s a UK company but it spells colour the American way? Bit confusing.. Anyway.. I’m really obsessed with this colour. It’s a gorgeous aqua blue. It’s called Poolside Party. Such a suitable colour for summer! And a suitable name! This is the first Headline Colors polish I’ve had and it isn’t going to be the last! 

The finish of this Polish is really glossy and it stays glossy too! This Polish is so pigmented it’s amazing. It’s fully covered in just one coat, but i always apply two or three for a fuller colour. It applies so beautifully and doesn’t streak. When I saw a streak on a nail I was annoyed but then it disappeared. It lasted a couple of days before it started to chip which is good for me. It dries quickly too even though I out three coats on. 

Overall, I’m in love! I’m loving alot of nail polishes at the moment and I’m gathering up quite a few favourites but id rather be doing that then spending my money on more Avon polishes. I would like to try there gel range but I’ve had bad experiences with Avon polishes. At £9 a pop I think it’s worth it. I’d rather spend a bit more on a polish that’s gonna last and look good then buy a few cheap ones that  just don’t do the job. 


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