Avon Haul

My Avon woman hasn’t been very well lately so I’ve been running out of the stuff I usually get every month. So glad she’s better now though she really is a lovely lady! And I’m also glad to get all these goodies!

Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow


Create unique and captivating eyes with colour that looks as good as it feels.

I’m a bit obsessed with buying Eyeshadow palette at the moment as you could probably tell.. But I like a lot of options! Can’t wait to try this out. I’ve always had good experiences with Avon Eyeshadow. This shade is called Sultry Smoke.

Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick


Get that just stepped off the catwalk look with the latest, on trend lip finish in irresistible shades.

Always love a good lipstick. I’ve stayed clear of the usual reds I buy for a change and went for a Matte Nude. I have too many reds now and they are all starting to look the same.. Full review is available here.

Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil


Nourishing serum suitable for all hair types and for use on wet or dry hair. Instantshine, smooth finish. Weightless movement and leaves no residue. With Argan Oil andvitamin E.

I’m sure your sick if me banging on about this but you will probably see it in every Avon haul I will do! I did a review of this you can check out here

Advanced Techniques Daily Shine Dry End Serum


Immediately provies up to 100% shinierhair, leaves hair looking healthy and helpssmooth dry damaged hair

I also keep banging on about this too! You will most likely see this in everyone if my Avon hauls.. Check out my review I did on this here

Complete Balance Oil Free Day Mattifier SPF15


Skin looks completey re-balanced, day after day

I have recently ran out if my day dream and thought I would give this a go. It was in the Clerance for £2 which is a bargain!

Avon Naturals Complete Recovery Treatment Mask


Mask with herbal extracts helps to nourish hair, leaving it manageable and conditioned from root to tip

I originally didn’t order this. I ordered the Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hair Mask but they were out of stock.. And why wouldn’t they be.. It’s amazing! *sigh* so I got sent this instead at I think it was £1.25 I can’t remember exactly. It’s only a 125ml tub so they will probably only last be 2 washes. Check out my full review here.

So that’s what I got this month! I’m already excited to see what’s in the next catalogue. Already got a few circled I want to try.

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Avon Haul

  1. The lipstick looks amazing! I tried the solutions cream and it brought me out in super bad spots – but my avon lady insisted I return it with a full refund and details of the problems. Avon are really good for returning products! I hope you get in better with it than I did though!
    Annie x

    • It is lovely! I tried it quickly before going out to the pub last night to catch up with a friend and I had no problems! They are good like that. I brought that flat brush mascara and the top broke off In the tub rendering it useless and I got my money back! Only problem with Avon the packaging is never the best but I guess that’s how they keep the cost down!

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