International Makeup Swap!


Hi beauties! One thing I would really love to do is to do a swap with one of you guys from outside of the UK. The brands that are only available in the UK (I think) are Barry M, Sleek, Models Own, MeMeMe, collection 2000, soap and glory (in some countries i think it’s available though), bareMinerals, MUA, and I think in some countries no7. Please correct me if I’m wrong though!

I’m interested in receiving Eyeshadow (natural tones), eye liners (black only!), mascaras (also black only!), nail polishes, lip sticks (nudes preferably, I have too many reds), hair products (serums, oils, hair mask, not really styling products) skin care products, Bath products and primers. Not interested in foundations or anything like that because it’s usually a nightmare finding a colour that looks right on me! Will go into more detail when I find someone to swap with!

I’m open to recieve a swap from anywhere. I’m open to agree on a spending limit and time line. If you would like any specific products or brands please let me know, as I wouldn’t want to get someone something they don’t want!

Other brands that are available to me that I’m not sure if they sell everywhere are:
Max Factor
Rimmel London
L’Oreal (skin care, hair care, make up)
The Body Shop (skin care, hair care, make up)
Garnier (skincare)
John Frieda (hair care)
Miss Sporty
Nivea (skin care)
Toni & Guy (hair products, hair care)
TRESemme (hair care, hair product)
Olay (skincare)
Lush Cosmetics (bath products, hair products, skin care)

That’s all I can think of! If anyone is interested let me know by commenting or emailing me with where you are from, what you can send and what you are interested in receiving!
My email address is

Look forward to hearing from you!

Did you get your Benefits Instant Comeback Facial Serum?


If you saw my post about the Free Sample of Benefits Instant Comeback Facial Serum and entered, you should of received your sample by now! Today mine came through the post, which was a delightful surprise because I had forgotten about it! The sample was sent by Emerald Street, and is a pretty good 5ml sample. I’m really excited to try it out! It claims to instantly boost the youthful look of skin. Tired skin looks plumped and hydrated and feels firmer, smoother and energised. It can be used day or night too! I’ll put it to the test and let you guys know how I got on in a couple of weeks!

If I see anymore free samples going I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

Beauty Blogger Of The Month Award!


Hello beauties! So I have been nominated for this three this month, so I thought I would combine the awards together (hope you don’t mind ladies!)  I was nominated by the lovely Abigail from Abigail Robyn Brown, Ashleigh from Beauty With Ashleigh and Beck from Beck In A Blog. Go check out their blogs, they are all amazing beauty bloggers with amazing content! Also please check out Cecilias Post for all the rules and comment that you have been nominated to enter the prize draw for a Benefits They’re Real Push Up Liner!

So here are the questions for this awards!

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from?
When I was a kid my mom was my inspiration for my make up. Even before I could wear make up I was mooching through her make up bag pulling things out and probably being totally annoying! But as I grew up, I got alot of my inspiration from YouTube bloggers such as Zoella and magazines.

2. What are 3 of your makeup Holy Grail products you cannot live without?
I couldn’t live without my Max Factor All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. It really suits my skin and love how it lasts so long. Has an amazing coverage which you can work up easily. Another thing I’ve recently discovered is Benefits POREfessional Primer. It fills my pores on my nose like no other primer I’ve tried. And last, but not least, Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder. I use a transparent powder just to set my make up and keep from getting shine. I love it, it’s so affordable and does the job.

3. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?
Everyone knows me with my cat eye flicks! I just look weird without them! Well, to me anyway..

4. Let us know your favorite makeup brands?
It has to be Max Factor. I see it as a luxury brand, with a affordable price tag! I find when I buy high end products I expect too much due to the price tag!

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?
When people don’t blend there foundation. Especially around the jaw line, it’s not hard… No one wants to see an orange face and white neck (also when people have orange make up when they are pale… Or just orange make up in general!)

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product! 
I’ve read loads of good reviews on this product.. But I just don’t get it! This product for me is So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad. It’s so dry and hard to blend, I just don’t get how people can like it!

7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!
Probably foundation. I don’t have many problems with spots and dark circles under my eyes so I wouldn’t be too bothered if I didn’t have Concealer.

On to my 7 nominees! You should check out all there blogs too, I always enjoy reading them!

1. rachwat
2. stephndstuff
3. Kitty Approved Beauty
4. Lucky Life Beauty
5. Beauty Type
6. makeupalwqysfitsme
7. Beauty Full Blog

Good luck!

Review: Avon Make Up Setting Spray

I brought this in one of my Avon Hauls. I’ve read really good things about this product, and I was really excited to try it out.

Helps set foundation, blush and eye make-up in place. Micro-fine mist dries quickly to an invisible finish.
Non-sticky formula infused with vitamins A, C and E.


After applying make-up. Hold the bottle 8 – 10 inches away from your face. Close your eyes and lightly mist face. 

I’ve never used a setting spray before, so this was new grounds for me. With the weather getting hotter now, this was the perfect time to try this and put it to the test. After the solution had dried on my face, it kinda felt like there was hairspray on my face, but in a good way. I couldn’t feel my foundation at all. After a few hours at work, my make up still looked great. Although not perfect, it hadn’t sweated off as much as it usually would. I’ve used it everyday since buying it, which is good for me.

I brought this for an introductory piece. Would I buy this at there full price of £6? I would! It’s great for those muggy days where a primer just isn’t going to hack it. I can tell it’s going to last long too, because I’ve used it everyday for about 2 weeks now and it seems like I’ve used hardly any. So it’s great value for money.

Have you tried this setting spray? What did you think? Have you tried any other setting sprays? Let me know!

Inspiration Blogger Award


Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been away for a week or so, haven’t been feeling very well, and this heat has made it even worse! But I’m starting to feel myself again and it’s lovely to come back and see I’ve been nominated for this award! I was nominated by Nessa at That Chic Fashion Blog. Go check out her blog! This is my first award of this kind, and it’s nice to know even when I’m away, I still feel the love from you guys!

The Rules
1.Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

7 Facts About Me
1. While I’ve been ill I’ve been obsessed with the Commonwealth Games! I always get obsessed with sports easily… My new favourite sport is the triathlon!
2. I’m totally scared of rabbits.
3. I paint my nails every Sunday ready for the week.
4. When ever I’m hung over I always crave subway.
5. My favourite place to eat is Chiquitos
6.  I’m obsessed with the WWE at the moment!
7. I’ve recently started wearing glasses!

My 15 Nominees

As Seen By Bea
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Gwenllian Branwen
Once Upon A Glam
Blushing Biddies
Pretty Young Things
Abigail Robyn Brown
Totally Sweet Cheeks


Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Haven’t felt very well and haven’t been up for blogging lately. Feeling a little bit better though, so will be back hopefully this weekend!

Nail Polish tracking project

Brilliant way to keep track of your nail polish collection on the go! I know im always buying the same colour, or ones that are basically the same, am I right beauties?

A Touch Of British Sparkle

Okay if you’re anything like me and have lots of nail polish, and you always end up buying either the same or similar colours but at the time are convinced you don’t own this amazing colour, then this may be a project for you as it really does help me keep track of what I do and don’t have.


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