June Empties

Hello beauties! Well.. I’ve tried even harder for you all to keep my empties this month. I think I did pretty good!  Let’s get cracking shall we?

Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Bath Salts


Helps soften, refresh and soothe with camomile and lavender

These bath salts have been okay. Not the best I’ve used by all means. I brought this cheap in an offer Avon was having at the time. Can’t remember how much exactly but was a couple of pounds. Avon never really explain much about some of there products which kind of annoys me and I thought this would help you sleep maybe? Well, it didn’t for me. Left my skin feeling okay. Would I buy this again? Probably not.

Avon Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hair Mask


Nourishing shea butter and brown sugar.

I’ve brought this a few times now and it does wonders for my hair. Full price this is £5.50 but Avon usually have an offer on it for around £3 which is a bargain. I usually get around 4 or 5 uses out of the 200ml tub. Will I be buying this again? Most definitely. Good to have around when just conditioning isn’t gonna cut it.

TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo


TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo is the perfect solution to instantly cleanse & revitalise hair without water. The unique formula refreshes your hair by removing oil and odour while creating volume. Just a quick spray transforms lifeless, limp hair into clean, fresh hair full of bounce & body. It also helps to maintain hair colour due to less washing.

Just any other dry shampoo if I’m honest. 200ml bottle will set you back £5.25 which isn’t too bad, but you can get Batiste cheaper. I like to try new dry shampoos every now and again to see what’s out there but I always come back to Batiste. The hunt is still on..

Paco Rabanne Lady Million


A fresh woody floral, Lady Million is a multifaceted, luminous, fresh and transparent interpretation of the original fragrance.

I brought this a year ago on my way home from New York. I thought I would take advantage of the cheap perfumes in the airport and I was depressed I was coming home.. I’ve loved this. It’s such a wearable fragrance. People instantly smell it on me when I walk into a room. Lasts a while too which alot of perfumes don’t. This will set you back around £40 these days. Will I be buying again? I would love to.. But I want to try there new fragrance Lady Million Eau My Gold!

Diesel Loverdose


Loverdose is the sexy & addictive fragrance from DIESEL. It represents a woman who is sexy, playful and irresistible. She desires pleasure, adrenaline & passion.

I must admit this is rather addictive. This is my second bottle and it’s currently on offer in boots at the moment for £30 for a 50ml bottle! This lasts quite a bit too. One of the girls at work knows when I walk in to the room and I have this on. Only because she’s obsessed with it as well! Will I be buying this again? At that price I don’t know if I could refuse?

Emporio Armani Diamonds 


The sensory blend is a surprising gourmand fragrance to give a stone a flavour and to a woman a self confident and audacious feeling.

To be honest I was a little disappointed in this one. I didn’t pick this out myself. I went into a perfume shop and told the woman what I’ve got at the moment and what she could recommended. I picked this one out of the ones she pulled for me and it really doesn’t last long at all. I can hardly smell it anymore when I put it on. Will I be buying this again? No

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


Water-soluble Deep Cleansing Oil contains a rich blend of skin-loving vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. It helps unclog pores by clearing impurities and make-up, leaving your face a grime-free zone. Rinses away to help leave skin fresh and clean. Olive oil and vitamin E fight free radicals.

I’ve been in love with this for quite some time now. A 200ml bottle will set you back £21.50 on Amazon but I think it’s totally worth it. It lasts ages. It’s amazing even with the most stubborn make up. Even waterproof! My skin feels so amazing after using this. Such a treat to use. Will I be buying this again? Most likely.

Well that’s it for my June Empties! Quite a bit of perfume this month. I need to stock back up I think! There’s a lot I want to try so I doubt that will be too hard to do! See you guys next month for my July Empties!

Have you used any of these items? What did you think? Let me know!


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