Review: Yves Roche Sheer Botanical Lipstick

I received this in my June Birchbox. I love receiving new Lipsticks to try. Especially from such well knows brands like Yves Roche. I received the shade Rough Groseillie.


I couldn’t get a good enough picture with just my lips buy here is one with my whole mug! How do you girls get them of just your lips it’s so hard!



For the first time in a lipstick, Yves Rocher Research has selected Cherry Oil for its extraordinary shine and light refraction power. Its ultra-sensory texture melts onto the lips and enhances them with a glossy colour that gives you the coverage you want.

First thing I want to say about this lipstick. It smells amazing. This lipstick is infused with cherry oil which gives it a nourishing hydrating feel, as well as smelling devine. So much so I wanted to nibble on it. But I didn’t.. The colour is very wearable. It’s not in your face and the sheer texture makes it appropriate for day and night. It kinda feels like a balm too with how hydrating it is! Two products in one, that’s how I like em’! Lasts a couple of hours before I have to re apply which I’m pretty surprised about!

I really love wearing this. It’s not effort like a lot of other Lipsticks I’ve tried over my time. The sheer texture makes it suitable for day or night, the hydration of it makes it enjoyable to wear, the colour is fun and for £9.90 I don’t think it’s too bad! It’s staying power is okay, though it doesn’t boast about that. Would I buy another shade? I’d have to look at the other colours first but quite possibly!

Did you receive this in your Birchbox? What did you think? Let me know!


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