Review: OPI Nail Polish Nagellack

Good morning ladies! So I received this in my June Birchbox. I always love receiving nail polishes, especially brands like OPI. The shade I received is called Nagellack. It’s a pink with a hint of red glitter based polish. I usually stay away from glitter based polishes because they are a nightmare to get off! But I thought I would try this out anyway out of curiosity.


This was a small sample of this Polish so the brush was smaller then usual which didn’t help with application, but the formula of the Polish being so pigmented did help. I could only assume that with the full size product the brush would be bigger. My nails only needed two coats to get a full opaque coverage. Dried so quickly too which is always good for me because I’m so impatient. They have lasted a week too! Only chipped on one nail, but that nail is a bit damaged so I’m putting it down to that. It isn’t gritty too the glitter. I find some glitter based polishes are rough but this is quite smooth on your nail.

You get what you pay for with this Polish. For 11.95 for a full size I think is pretty good. It lasts long, only needs two coats so will last longer and the formula is great that dries quickly. Id definitely buy a full size of this. But that’s because I’m already a fan of this brand.

Did you receive an OPI polish in your birchbox? What did you think of it? Do you love the brand anyway? Or do you have your favourite? Let me know!


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