Review: Her Haircare 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment

I received this in my You Beauty Discovery June Box. I always love receiving hair products because as you all know I bleach my hair, so anything that can restore my hair is always welcome.


HER Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment. Contains extracts of olive, ginseng, coffee and papyrus plus an amino acid to help smooth hair leaving it soft and shiny. Help restore body and shine to your hair with this revitalising formula from HER.

Apply to damp hair to the mid lengths and ends. After 300 seconds (5 minutes), rinse with warm water.

I was so excited to use this product. I love hair treatments I’m always looking for masks for my hair for a treat. But this one I’m sad to say, I didn’t enjoy. My hair is really thick and I always try and find product that help to thin it out, this just made my hair feel thicker. There is nothing worse when you have really think hair to try a product and it makes it feel thicker and heavier. It didn’t wash out easily either which is what really annoys me about some masks. I recently used Lush Hsuan Wen Hua and that was such a treat to use. It applied easily, it washed out easy and it made my hair feeling amazing and light. So after using that amazing product… Coming to try this I was like.. Really? My hair does feel soft, granted. But I’m still rather disappointed.

You can get a 200ml tub of this for £30. Will I be buying another tub? No. Would be great for someone thing thin hair, i can’t say for certain because I don’t have thin hair. But if you have thick hair like me I wouldn’t bother. Not worth your hair feeling weighted down.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts? Let me know!


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