Birchbox July First Impressions


Good evening beauties! So today I found this on my door step! So excited to receive this month’s because all of the boxes I’ve received have been pretty amazing.


This month’s box is about Sun, Sea and Sand. Whether your staying home and hoping the best British seaside towns this summer or escaping to a sandy Island hideaway, this box provides samples that will see though the hottest season. This month’s box includes nourishing eye cream and a chunky Lip pencil to take you from beach to bar in a jiffy!

So let’s get cracking on what I received then!

Benefit The Professional


An award winning primer that magically erases pores and leaked skin velvety.

I’m always happy to see any Benefits product. Even more happy that it’s a primer! I need primers for my skin because I have quite a lot of pores on my nose so this will be put to the test! The sample is a 7.5ml which should last me a while. Full price product is £24.50. Full review is available here.

Models Own Nail Polish


Stay on trend down to the tips of your toes with these gorgeous hard wearing nail polishes.

To be honest, I’m not that crazy about glitter nail varnish. It’s a nightmare to get off. This one is called Roman Candle. I’ll still try it out. Maybe I will love it that much I won’t care that much about how long it takes to get off? Hmm. This is a full size item at 14ml. RRP £5. Full review of this item is available here.

Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter


Not your granny’s lavender, this week scented antioxidant rich Lotion nourishes skin.

Like I said on my last post, I have loads of body lotion to get through so I’m kind of sick of receiving them. Would like a bit more variety then a nail varnish and body lotion every week. It does smell amazing how ever. This is a 22ml sample size. Full size product is £14.50

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream


A light, hard working formula to brighten the eye area and keep wrinkles at bay.

I’ve already had a sample of this before from glossybox. I did enjoy using it but It would be nice to do a review on this this time around. The last time it lasted me a while so I’m kinds glad to see this again! This is a 7ml sample. Full size is £20

LAQA &  CO Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour


A high gloss pencil to add a pop of sheer, nourishing and wearable colour.

Im not sure what I think about the colour to be honest. I like purple, but I’ve never tried it on my lips. I did a quick swatch..


It really is glossy.. And purple! I’m gonna have to try this out before I say anything because colours have surprised be before when they are applied! I’m not sure if this is full size or not but it’s a .07oz sample and the full size one is £14

Lifestyle Extra –  Filosfille 4 Sided Nail Buffer


Your at home DIY manicure made easy. Just add nail polish!

I have used these before and they are amazing. They make your nails super shiny. I haven’t used one is quite a while so this is a nice little extra! Priceless!

So I’m pretty pleased with this month’s box. Mostly to do with the Benefit Primer. The other items are okay. I’m kind of sick of receiving body lotion and I’ve already tried the eye cream out before. But when you have been receiving beauty boxes for as long as I have your bound to receive the same products from different boxes. I’m interested in trying out the Lip Crayon to see how it looks on. Reviews will be available soon!

If you are interested in subscribing to Birchbox, they are monthly boxes costing only £12.95 including p&p. Use this link and each of our accounts will automatically be updated with 50 birchbox points (worth £5) for each of us to spend in the Birchbox e-shop.

What did toy receive in your birchbox? Anything you wished to got? Anything your dissapointed with? Let me know!


14 thoughts on “Birchbox July First Impressions

  1. You got one of the best boxes I’ve seen reviewed! I was going to sub to birch this month but I totally agree with you – I’m sick of getting lotions and skin care! I felt like that was all I got with glossy which is why I gave up on it. Will wait until next month and see what that box is like! Xx

    • I know I thought that all of my boxes have been good from them! When I saw the benefit primer I was over the moon I wanted to try that out. Used it this morning and I can’t even see my pours on my nose! Brilliant stuff!

  2. Thanks for leaving info on how to subscribe to Birchbox! I keep reading your posts and thinking “ahh ma god she got this in it!” I’m tempted to sign up 🙂
    Also I got a way you can remove glitter nail varnish off waaay easier than really scrubbing it off – I will post it on my blog soon, because honestly, I avoided glitter nail varnish for a long time the same reason! But once you know a way you’ll fall in love with glitter again 😉 haha
    (You might have received a notification from me following your blog again, i don’t know what happened, for some reason i wasn’t following you anymore and I had to re-click on follow! so i haven’t purposefully unfollowed you then changed my mind lol just so you know) x

    • Haha its okay 🙂 it’s one of the best beauty box subscriptions I’ve signed up to. Although glossybox is stepping up lately with all there full size products. Think they are making them a bit more fair now too. If you do want to signing up if you wouldn’t mind using my link then we both get 50 points credited to use in there shop! Ohh I’d love to hear about how to get off glitter polish! Was thinking of trying it out tomorrow so would be nice to read 🙂 there is nothing worse then scrubbing and the cotton wool ripping! Gives me the goose bumps even thinking about it! X

      • I know! I used to hate it with a passion but I have a way don’t worry! I’ll try and get it posted this weekend 🙂
        Oh awesome, I will do that too, can’t sign up just yet cos I’ve just came back from traveling, I’m poor and I’m looking for a job lol but as soon as I get one I’ll do that!
        Can you quit it at any time or is it like a year contract? X

      • You can either have a rolling subscription that you can cancel when ever you want or buy so many months in advance, which is either 6 months or 12 months. Works out cheaper if you buy months in advance but I like the rolling contract because if I need to I can cancel. Ohh where did you go? X

      • Ooh okay, both options sound pretty good, I’ll definitely have a look into it when I got some money coming in again.
        I went all round Asia before working in Australia for a few months 🙂 it was aaamazing and totally worth being poor now for! haha x

      • I was with a friend first, then I was on my own for a bit, then my boyfriend came out and met me so a bit of both! You should definitely do it, it was so fun and don’t be scared to travel solo! I think you meet more people that way 🙂

  3. I’ve been seriously considering signing up to either Birchbox or Glossybox, I think I’m leaning a little more towards Glossybox, but would love to know what you think. Are they worth the money? Which do you prefer? 🙂
    Rach x

    • Depends what you want from your subscription. With birchbox you get more sample sizes of luxury items, where as glossybox you get more full sizes, but of things you could buy in superdrug. I mean you get the odd luxury item with glossybox but not so much these days. If you want to have a box where you can try stuff that isn’t going to break the bank id say glossybox, but if you want to try luxury items without forking out full price for luxury products I’d say birchbox. It’s hit and miss though with these some months. But I’ve been happy with every birchbox I’ve had, but I’ve only had 3. Where as glossybox I’ve been with them 2 years.

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