eBay kimono buys!

I had the idea from cassmadaboutfashion to look on eBay for some kimonos. I’ve been obsessed with them lately and needed something light in this heat but cover my shoulders from the sun.

Blue Retro Boho Hippie Casual Chiffon Top Kimono Coat Cape Blazer Jacket


Summer Vintage Ladies Boho floral tassels MAXI Kimono Coat Cardigan 


I brought these from an eBay seller called Amelie-mall. They ship from Hong Kong so you have to pay around £5 for postage and packaging but I’ve brought form them before and they are pretty decent quality for the cost! Usually takes up to 12 days to get to you so if your not in a rush then that’s fine. A quick tip too about the seller. They usually have an auction and a buy it now for the same items. Usually the bidding one is free delivery so look at how much it is gonna be to buy it now (including p&p) to the bidding one. 9 times out of 10 the bid will go higher then the buy it now which means it’s cheaper to just buy it now! I don’t go to reading festival till the end of August so that’s fine. Will put up photos when I receive them!


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