Festival Essentials Easily Forgotten

Sometimes it can be overwhelming packing for a festival because there’s too much you want to take! And it’s hard to predict the weather too because it can change any time. I’m not going to focus on the clothes side but some things you might overlook while packing for your festival.


Toilet roll
Alot of festivals provide toilet roll but some are stopping to save on costs. Some times they run out so it’s always handy to have a roll to take with you.

There is nothing worse then trying to find something in your tent when it’s dark. Also it’s handy to look out for tent lines when your out and about at night.

You may be at a festival, but you still need your ID. Even if you don’t plan on buying alcohol in the arena and just drinking at camp, if you don’t look old enough to drink they will ask you at the gates for ID if you are carrying alcohol. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked to carry in alcohol for someone that forgot there ID

Phone charger (battery operated)
Now if you have an android phone this will be quite cheap. I’m pretty sure I got mine for under a tenner on eBay. But iPhones are gonna be another story. They tend to be quite expensive. Alot of festivals have shops where you pay them £5 and they fully charge your phone, or some stalls have those wind up phone chargers but I’ve never used them.

Speakers (battery oporated)
This is more of a luxury then a necessity. It’s nice to have some music going in the camp. There are all different types. Some have auxiliary wired or have Bluetooth. Don’t get ones you charge up because they will only last a day or so. Get one you can put batteries in.

Alot of stuff your going to be taking is going to be battery operated. (see above!) so you don’t want to run out of juice!

Reusable bottle
You don’t want to have to keep buying bottles of water every day to be able to brush your teeth or to have a quick wash.. That can be expensive. Most festival camp sites will have a tap for water.

Travel John’s.
Some of you might not know what these are but others may. They are truly life savers. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and you are desperate for the toilet but it’s too cold and you probably won’t make it? TravelJohn disposable urinal is convenient, sanitary, discrete and compact. The key ingredient is Liqsorb, a combination of an exclusive biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch containing a biodegradable polymer substance that immobilises bacterial growth quickly–absorbs the liquid waste and turns it into an odourless, spill-proof gel bag that is non toxic and waste disposal safe. It’s sounds disgusting… I know. My friend thought it last year.. Until she needed the toilet and couldn’t wait to go… I gave her one and she loved it.

After sun
Alot of people will remember suncream, but alot of people will forget after sun. I got burnt really bad last year on my chest and it was a nightmare. They had none on site, I couldn’t find any in town. Everyone probably forgot it like I did!

Hand sanitizer
Pretty obvious thing but easily forgotten. Alot of places will have somewhere to wash your hands by the camp toilets, the only problem is that it does get really muddy where they are stationed and don’t usually have soap. They also have the gel dispensers but they can run out so it’s always handy to have. Also handy before you’re going to eat too if your not by any toilets.

Baby wipes
Always a good thing to bring if you can’t be bothered to wait in the massive que for the showers to freshen up.

Ear plugs
Even if you have had copious amounts of cans it can still be quite hard to sleep with all the thousands of people around you. Or if your camped by the loudest people at the festival.

Dry Shampoo
I know after 2 days my hair doesn’t feel as fresh. Dry Shampoo degreases your hair and makes it feel fresher. So if you can’t be bothered with the showers then this is a key item.

What ever you take at home. Some form of ibreprophen is always good. Your gonna have a head ache in the morning from all the drinking and loud music!

I never bring food to cook at a festival. Takes up too much space and the food at festivals is usually pretty good anyway. You want something to keep in your tent that doesn’t perish like cereal bars or crisps.

If it’s been raining it’s nice to dry off. Nothing worse then being wet and cold!

Duct tape
You never know if your tent might leak or not! Better to be safe then sorry.

Alot of people these days keep track of the time by looking at their phones. If you want to save battery your phone will probably be off most of the time. It’s handy to take a watch just to keep track of who is on. Don’t want to miss your favourite band play because you didn’t know what time it was do you?

Black bin bags
They have alot of uses. From keeping your camp tidy to putting your muddy wellies in to keep everything else clean to putting your dirty clothes in. One thing that is super useful is if it’s raining while your walking into the festival with your bag. Now, if your bag gets wet, then so does everything in it. Put one over your bag to waterproof it if it is raining.

If I think of anything else I’ll add it, but if you think of anything that I may have missed out that people often forget please comment below!


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