Review: Avon Naturals Complete Recovery Treatment Mask

I brought this in my Avon Haul. I originally wanted Avons Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hair Mask, but because they ran out (and I’m not surprised cause it’s amazing!) I got send this in its place. I was miffed to start off with because I was dedicated to the product I owned, but took up the opportunity to try something new.


Mask with herbal extracts helps to nourish hair, leaving it manageable and conditioned from root to tip.

The one thing I noticed was that it goes on really well. It’s not too thin so it’s hard to apply or too thick that it’s hard to wash out. After washing it out I wrapped my hair up and carried on with my routine. When I got back to my hair and started brushed it, even before putting in my oils, I noticed how easy it was to brush. Usually it’s a nightmare before I put my oils in, but this time it was easy! No knots! Just went through my hair like a dream. After drying my hair felt so soft. I didn’t even feel like I needed serum to tame those fly away hairs, my hair was behaving itself!

Would I buy this again? At £1.25 for a 100ml tub I think it’s a bargain. I have long think hair so I’ll probably get about 4 to 5 uses out of this but someone with thin short hair will get more. I’m not sure I’m sworn off of my other favourite, but I’ll definitely be considering this if the planet spa mask goes back to full price.

You can buy this from Avons website here for £1.25

Have you tried this? What did you think? What’s your favourite hair mask? Let me know!


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