E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush Review

I brought this in my ELF Haul. I’ve never tried any ELF make up brushes so I thought I would give them a go. I like trying out different types of brushes because sometimes you can find a real gem.


This brush is so soft. Usually with synthetic brushes they aren’t as soft and ones that are made of goat hair, but I was really surprised how soft it was. When I first used this brush the first time, two hairs came out while I was applying my foundation, which I didn’t think was a great start. After that though it’s been fine. I’ve been using it all week, I have to say I’m quite impressed. I’ve used it with 3 different liquid foundations and I’ve been impressed with every outcome. It’s also quite easy to clean. I’ve found with some brushes I’ve had in the past that they retain water, which means they take ages to dry and are never the same after. The brush stayed soft too after it has properly dried after washing. They are a much cheaper option then my usual real techniques brushes.

I’m glad I tried ELFs make up brush range.  They are real value for money and I love finding new brushes that are awesome. I’m definitely going to try out some other brushes by them and hopefully they are going to be just as good!

You can buy this brush here for £3.95.

Have you tried any ELF make up brushes? What did you think? What’s your favourite make up brush? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush Review

  1. I really like the concealer brush (white handle). It’s only $1, and it’s fantastic. I also like the small smudge brush from the Studio line (black handle). It’s also only $1. Yay for cheap, quality things!

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