E.L.F Kabuki Face Brush

I brought this in my ELF Haul. Like I said in my other ELF post about the Stipple Brush, this was my first time purchasing ELF makeup brushes. And be be honest, my first ever Kabuki Face Brush!


I have been using this brush to apply my powder after finishing my foundation. The thing I like about this brush is that it doesn’t pick up alot of powder at one time, so your face doesn’t get over powdered. It’s very dense which I love. The brush itself is a really good size and it’s so soft, such a pleasure to use! I haven’t noticed any shedding yet which I’m pleased with, since I had a bit of a problem with the Stipple Brush with shedding, but only like two hairs! It cleans brilliantly, but it does take a while for it to dry, but I’m putting it down to the density of the brush.

For £6 this is amazing value. I’m so pleased with ELF overall as a brand from all the products I’ve brought, and with the price tag how can you ever complain? I’m so looking forward to trying out some more of there brushes after trying out the two I brought!

You can buy the Kabuki Face Brush here.

Have you tried any ELF make up brushes? What did you think? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “E.L.F Kabuki Face Brush

  1. Most of my brushes are Elf brushes and I love them! Especially the Kabuki brush. It really is so soft! ❤ 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for a good kabuki brush for like a year! (one that wouldn’t break the bank that is) I actually have Bare Minerals brushes for my mineral makeup (which is Lily Lolo, not Bare Minerals), but they shed like mad, which is pretty unusual!

  3. i love that brush! also love their big and small stipple brushes! the small stipple brush is great for liquid concealer!!!

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