Review: Colour Club Glossy Seal

Hello beauties! So, I only received this the other day in my July Glossybox, but last night I was off out and wanted a new colour to wear, so I picked this one so I could test it out!


The first thing I noticed about this Polish when applying it at first was, it absolutely stinks. I know all nail varnishes smell, but if your like me and you paint your nails all the time, you get used to the smell. This stuff stinks. It was making me gag when I was putting it on. So let’s move on to application. The formula is so opaque, it really impressed me. What didn’t impress me however is how hard it is to control. The polish was going all over my cuticles and fingers. I had to do alot of cleaning up before taking the above photo. It’s just too watery. No one likes a thick polish, but you want something that you can control too. I wasn’t overly impressed with the brush. It didn’t really fan out to cover my nail bed properly like alot of my other polishes do. On the positive side however, my nails dried very quickly, and I only had one chip all night, which was from a damaged nail anyway. I do love the colour, but I personally don’t think it suits the season.

Would I buy this product? I really wouldn’t after testing this. Although my nails look great in the picture above, it took a lot of tidying up to get them to that. I don’t really want to have to do that everytime I apply my polish, it took forever!

Have you tried this Polish yet? What did you think? Would you buy another? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Review: Colour Club Glossy Seal

  1. I might have got a wierd one because the polish in mine was very thick and covered in a single application – can’t say I noticed the scent – going to have a sniff now out of curiousity (that doesnt make me wierd does it haha) I got the same colour – youre right it is more of a winter colour than a summer colour dont you think
    follwing your blog – would love it if you could follow mine too
    debs @

  2. I just used this for the first time and remembered this post haha! I found the brush really odd – too long and thin to give any control, so I had to apply it sooooo slowly and even then, my application’s a bit wonky. It’s also definitely thinner than my MAC and stuff, and tried to drip everywhere, but again, I don’t know how much was down to the long, thin brush :S
    Just such a faff to apply…!

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