The Body Shop Haul

Hello beauties! So here is another of my Body Shop hauls! I can’t help myself when they have one of there spend £50 get £25 off! It’s such a good deal. They usually have it every 3 months so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on essentials. So let’s get cracking on what I ordered!

Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel


This hand cleanse gel keeps hands clean while on the go. It has a refreshing coconut scent.

I brought this for when I go to reading festival. It smells so lush! I didn’t even realise The Body Shop did hand sanitizer, but if the rest smell as good as this, I’m gonna stock up! RRP £2.50 for 60ml

Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


This refreshing shampoo with ginger extract is perfect for dry scalps.

I’ve been using this Shampoo for ages now. It’s always the one I go back to because it keeps my dry scalp at bay. You can read a full review of this product here. This was one of the very first products I reviewed! RRP £6.50 for 400ml

Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub



This salt scrub is inspired by African tribal spa rituals. It moisturises as it exfoliates

I’ve never tried this salt scrub and haven’t had one for a while now, so I thought I would grab this one! I love the tub too. Totally cute. It smells nice too, and from just testing it on my fingers, I can see how nourishing it is. RRP £15 for 350ml. Full review is available here.

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet



An instant cooling sensation for all day hydration. This silky-soft moisturiser hydrates and refreshes skin with an ultra-light light formula.

The Body Shop have been pushing this cream alot lately, so it only made me even more interested in trying it out. The smell is nice and the texture is something I’m not used to, so it will be interesting to try out!

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask



This revitalising clay mask cleanses skin and controls excess oil

I’ve used this before and it is a favourite of mine. Full review is available here. ! RRP £13 for 100ml

Professional Make Up Sponge


The make-up artist’s secret weapon, this sponge applies liquid foundation evenly for a flawless finish.

I brought this purely to make my order up to the £50 mark. Always handy to have around though, I’ll make some use out of it!  RRP £3

With the discount, my order came to £27. That’s a cracking deal for 6 items. So I’ll be posting some reviews up for some of these items. I’ll link them in when I’ve done them!

Did you treat yourself to anything from The Body Shop? What did you get? Every tried any of these products? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul

  1. The Aqua Boost is wonderful – though I have been going through mine at record speed as it seems you need more of it than you would need most lotions, oddly enough. I wish our body shop did that kind of sales! I would so be there 😀

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