15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

I love reading these posts. I stumbled across Reify’s post from reifylove and had a bit of a giggle and noticed that I was tagged too!  So here’s my list. Hope don’t offend anyone! Ha

1. Levered Sunglasses


I always see these around festival season. I just don’t get them… They are totally pointless… They don’t even look good. They don’t protect your eyes from the sun… They don’t do anything!

2. Crocs


They just don’t look good. Especially with socks… Yeah they might be comfortable… But just no. (I just noticed that the sunglasses and cros are the same colour lol)

3. Harem Trousers


They just make you look like a genie. Or a baby with a rather full nappy.

4. Short Shorts


If you have a lovely bum, that’s great.. But I don’t want to see it! Again, this is another thing I see alot of at festivals. I really don’t appreciate it, especially when I’m sat on the grass in the sun, and a girl is standing in front of me with her bum in my face..

5. Fake Uggs


Cheap fake uggs.. When people start walking on the side of them.. Obviously the ones on the right are real… But just stop wearing them girls if you look like the girl on the left..

6. Cheap Leggings


My problem isn’t with leggings, it’s when people buy cheap ones and Wear nothing on the bottom.. If your gonna wear just leggings ladies, make sure people can’t see your underwear!

7. Denim On Denim


I just can’t stand it. I don’t like jeans as it is, or trousers let alone this!

8. Flatform Shoes


They’re just horrendous. Wrong type of shoe for a platform. Keep it to the wedges..

9. Furry Boots


They are just so ugly. And if it rains you’re kinda screwed…

10. Trucker Hats


Looking back on pictures, I notice Ashton Kutcher is a sinner for the trucker hat. If your not a kid, I think they look pretty stupid.

11. Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuit


Or any tracksuit at that… But I hate the thought of there being writing on my bum and people are staying at it.. Along with the disgusting feel of them.

12. Paul Boutique Handbag


I used to like them when they first came out. They weren’t as tacky as they are now. I first saw them at The Clothes Snow years and years ago and they were quite nice… Now they are vulgar.

13.Β  Jelly Shoes


I wore these when I was a kid, and it should stay that way for adults! They just look wrong on fully grown people.

14. High Waisted Trousers


Ahh the high waisted trousers… Baggy trousers that are around people’s hum cheeks do my head in, but this is one extreme to the next! Blahhh

15. Onesies


Some people love them. Some people hate them. I hate them. I’m always quite warm, so the though of putting one of these on just makes me feel boiling!

So that’s my list! Hope I didn’t offend anyone by my choices! Ha. I invite anyone that reads this to do it. It’s so much fun. I’d especially like to read what the following people have to say!

Vicki from randomnessilike
Jenna from The Domestic Diva Diaries
Jasmin from Jasmin Charlotte
Emma from iamsmallbuttheworldisbig

Thanks for reading guys


11 thoughts on “15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

  1. I chuckled reading this! Good ones πŸ˜€ Those short shorts though – I still can’t stop laughing. My UNDERWEAR covers more than those do. …erm, perhaps that’s TMI?

  2. Haha this made me laugh!! I totally agree with these although I love onesies for lounging! I actually hate crocs so much they make me feel sick lol xx

  3. The worst thing about those onesies is the zipper on the bottom haha!! Ugh.. I agree with all of these points! Great post! πŸ™‚

  4. I hate pretty much everything you mentioned aha Especially short shorts, the Paul’s Boutique bags and the glasses. The glasses are the worst. They are a waste of plastic haha.

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