Avon Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick Review

I brought this in my Avon Haul. I’m trying to stay away from my usual reds lately. I looked at my lipstick collection and realised I haven’t got many nude colours, I don’t know why because it’s such an easy colour to wear during the day.


I’ve used it quite a lot! I’ve never actually tried a Matte lipstick before, so it was pretty new to me. I wanted something that I could wear at work that wouldn’t be too showey, and would be easy to manage throughout the day. Turns out it’s totally what I wanted. It stays on for a good few hours, which is what I need at work, because I don’t always have time to keep checking the mirror to see if it still looks presentable. It’s a lovely colour too. One of the girls at work complimented me on it. I was worried that maybe if it’s Matte it would be dry on my lips.. I was wrong. Although it’s not exactly nourishing, it doesn’t dry out my lips.

Would I buy other shades in this range? Definitely. Although I may still try and stay away from the seduction of the reds (I probably won’t…) I might try some of there pink shades!

Have you tried this Lipstick range? What did you think? What colour should I try next?


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