August You Beauty Discovery Box First Impressions


I do love it when I get home from work and my beauty subscriptions have been delivered! Yesterday, I received my You Beauty Discovery Box I got on a bit late this month (it seems 10am is late!) and one item was already sold out.. But everything else was still in stock. This month’s box is about this summer’s beauty essentials. Here’s what I ordered this month..

Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Treatment Masque


The masque contains a naturally modified form of honey combined with wheat proline and natural conditioning agents to immediately hydrate the hair, leaving it nourished, shiny and full of body. Ximenia oil, also known as seaside plum acts as a natural ‘silicone’ to smooth and treat hair without creating build up.

I always love a good hair mask. With my hair being so dry from bleaching, I’m always up for trying out hair products. This is a 100ml sample, which is great because I’ll get a couple of uses out of it. This sample is worth £8.60 which is awesome because I basically got my money back from this. I did a full review of this item here.

Just Be Botanicals Hydrating Serum


An intensely hydrating serum that provides an instant feeling of skin firmness and improved elasticity. Delicately scented with orange blossom which in addition to being  a wonderful natural toner has a balancing effect on the emotions. Apply a couple of drops to cleansed skin morning and night.

I’m really into serums at the moment, so when I saw this I had to try it. This 10ml sample is worth £14.50 which is amazing since I got my money back on the hair masque.



It’s always nice to recieve perfume samples as an extra, it’s great to keep in your purse when out. The nail file is a handy too, but I already received one as an extra in my July Birchbox. I also received a wrinkle cream, but it will most likely go in the box with all the other creams I receive from beauty box subscriptions.

With just the items that I ordered, the value comes to £23.10 which is way more then how much I paid for the box. Although it’s a bit annoying that you have to get on first thing to order stuff you actually want without everything good selling out, I’m still very impressed with You Beauty Discovery Box yet again.

What did you order in your You Beauty Discovery Box this month? Did you get what you wanted? Or were you dissapointed that the item you wanted was out of stock? Let me know!


9 thoughts on “August You Beauty Discovery Box First Impressions

      • No everything was in stock I just didn’t fancy any of it plus there wasn’t many full size products. I was gona get that hair mask but have a few already that I need to use up first. Just thought there wasn’t a great selection compared to other months.

      • It was lacking in comparison to other months but I’m always using hair mask because of bleaching my hair so I always need to be shocked up!

    • A few months ago I would of said definitely not glossybox. But they have stepped up there game recently. Alot more full sized items, but they aren’t exactly luxury items. Where as Birchbox is more sample sizes of luxury items. It depends what your after really. If you want to try out affordable items and have a good sample size of even full size then glossybox, but if you want to try high end products but only get sample sizes then birchbox. You Beauty Discovery Box is a good box too. It’s under £7 including postage and packaging but you have to order the items you want (you get to pick two) but the good ones sell out fast so you need to be on there like, super early. I was on at 7am once and one item was already sold out..

      • OMG crazy (about the you beauty box selling out quickly!)
        Thanks for the advice I’ll have to think about which one I want. I’ll let you know after I’ve decided though so I can sign up to give you those extra points or whatever! 🙂
        I think it’ll be exciting to get a box of make-up stuff to try out every month x

      • I thought I replied to this… Hmm maybe there will be two replies now! Ha! You Beauty is really great value for money, if you get on there early enough. I haven’t tried to order after midnight might try that next time! I’m usually up for work early anyway..

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