My Beauty Swap With Reify


This is the first beauty Swap I’ve done. I’d read alot of other people’s posts about them and wanted to get in on the action! So after posting about how I was interested in doing a swap, Reify showed her interest! She is a beauty blogger from Germany. Go check out her blog! She posts about make up and skin care products. We exchanged emails and gave details on what we were interested in receiving. We set a budget (which I went over, oops!) and went shopping!
I didn’t realise how much was available world wide, so it was a bit of a challenge to start off with, but Reify gave me a list of things that are available to her over in Germany, which made it alot easier. We have some amazing make up brands here in the UK that I’d never really appreciated much before, Like MUA, Revolution, Gosh, Collection.. They are so affordable and are great quality! I didn’t want to post what she is receiving, hence the blurry picture with the items turned over, because I want it to be a surprise! I’m sending a of mixture of make up, skin care products along with a hair mask I’ve used before and loved! And also a little treat I hope she will enjoy!
I’m really excited to post my box of goodies, just got the finishing touches to do first! I’ll let you know what I receive from Reify.


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