Revolution Haul


Following my beauty swap with Reify, i found out how awesome some of the cheaper make up brands that are only available in the UK really are! I guess I was a bit of an upper scale drugstore product junkie… Always buying Max Factor, Rimmel, Maybelline etc.. But I’m so glad I’ve discovered Revolution!

Redemption Palette Iconic


I’m so amazed that this palette is £4. Such a bargain! I’ve seen bloggers post about this palette and I’ve been meaning to get it but I always seem to just walk past these make up stands, not anymore though! This is a nude palette with matte and the rest made up of shimmers. It has 12 shades that are totally wearable.



The colour pay off, especially the last lot, is pretty awesome. The first picture isn’t too impressive, but you always get those sort of shades being quite limited. And for £4 a palette, I’m not really going to complain! Full review is available here.

Matte Lipsticks Nude


This lipstick was just £1 which I was amazed at… I’m a bit obsessed with matte Lipsticks at the moment. I was a bit annoyed at my local superdrug because there weren’t any samples to try, so I had to just try and guess if it was going to be a good colour. Although at the bottom it shows what shade it is, I’d of like to have tried it out first.

Powder Blush


This is such a lovely shade if pink. Such a suttle colour which is totally me. I couldn’t find this shade on the superdrug website, but it’s called treat if you want to pick it up in store. This blush was an amazing £1

Amazing Curve Mascara



I don’t think I’ve ever had a mascara with a curve like this wand has. I’m really excited to see how it turns out. At just £2 it seems like a steal, just depends how it turns out!

I got all this for just £8! I can understand now why this stand is always mostly empty! Just got to test them out now! Reviews will be available shortly.

Have you tried any Revolution products? What’s your favourite? Anything you would recommend? Let me know!


25 thoughts on “Revolution Haul

  1. I’ve bought so many makeup from this brand. I’ve been thinking of doing a haul post but it would be quite long. The eyeshadow palettes are particularly nice. 🙂 Awesome post. 🙂

      • I’ve only just got into the brand as well. 🙂 I just went a little mad and bought a lot, haha. I like the Iconic palettes a lot. Apparently they’re dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes so I picked them up since I can’t afford the UD ones, and I’ve liked them a lot so far. 🙂

  2. I have only started to venture down the drugstore makeup route and I have fell in love with Makeup Revolution, everything I have had from them is fab, they really do rival some of the premium brands. You need to get their highlighters, they are amazing!!xx

  3. The palette is meant to be a perfect drug store dupe for the urban decay naked palette. Make up revolution is made by the same people that make mua so some products like the lipsticks are exactly the same products in the same packaging just a different name, luckily they both cost a £1.00 (all products are the same price at both), I do think make up revolution have better mix of colours in palettes but both brands are amazing. Lovely haul x

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