Beauty Swap Goodies part 1

Hello beauties! This is the post you have been waiting for! I’ve already wrote this out once and it took me forever, including the part 2,and it just decided to delete itself! How annoying… So anyway it’s taken me forever to do this. If you don’t know already, I did a beauty swap with a blogger from Germany called Reify. While doing this swap I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know Reify too, she’s a lovely girl and if you haven’t already checked out her blog I suggest you do! You can check out here Reify’s post of what I got her. I’ve decided to do this in two parts. The first part will be makeup products and the second will be skincare, hair care and bath products. So let’s get on to what I received shall we?

Ebelin Professional Precision Makeup Sponge


I originally had a beauty blender version of one of these. Unfortunately, I left it in the box it came in while it was wet and it started to grow bacteria, ew! So anyway I had to throw it out.. It’s like Reify read my mind or something! These things are awesome, the pointed bit is to get in to those hard to reach places like the corner of your eye or around the creases of your nose. The flat side is for areas like your cheeks and forehead and other not so hard to reach places.

Catrice Prime & Fine

This lightweight and longlasting primer minimises shine and reduces the look of pores. I’m forever in the need for primers to help me with the Pore situation on my nose, I’m excited to see how this fairs up to the benefits POREfessional primer.

Catrice Prime & Fine


This is another primer for an instantly refined, smooth and softer skin appearance. It makes pores and lines invisible. Whenever I try primers that are supposed to fill my fine lines I’m always dissapointed so I’m excited to see if this is any different.

Rival De Loop Young Eyeshadow Base


I’m really into my eyeshadow primers at the moment. The one I have at the moment is a stick applicator so I’m glad this is a pot as the stick one can be quite annoying! This primer prevents settling and leakage of powder eye shadow in the crease and lasts for several hours.

Terra Naturi Matte Mono Eyeshadow


This is a lovely brown shade which is what I’m into. I’ve never been one for crazy colours, always nudes!


The colour pay off is great too, that was literally one stroke. It didn’t need topping up to make the colour look more vibrant.

Manhattan Eyemazing Effect Eyeshadow


This long wearing crease proof  eyeshadow is in an innovative velvet touch texture. This can be used dry for a subtle look or wet for a full colour impact look.


The colour pay off is really good too. The shade I received is called Rosy Wood which is perfect for a smokey eye effect.

Manhattan Eyemazing Eyeshadow Cream


I haven’t actually used cream Eyeshadow for ages if I’m honest. I don’t really remember why. Probably because I used them as a kid and they always smudged everywhere. But this long lasting cream eyeshadow is smudge proof.


The colour pay off is always going to be good with cream eyeshadows, and it really is smudge proof! A minute after applying this to my hand I wiped my other hand over the top and it didn’t budge. The first shade is called Chocolate Kiss and the second is called Naughty Nude.

Essence How To Make Nude Eyes Makeup Box


I love the packaging  of this palette! This is one of the items that I asked Reify specifically for. It reminds me so much of benefit products with the cute packaging.


Inside it has its own little vanity mirrors which is always handy. The lid stays closed from what I think is a magnet.


Behind the mirror are these cheat sheets on how to make nude eyes for day and night looks.


The colour pay off is impressive too. I’m just in love with this palette! So glad I picked this one.

Manhattan Trio Effect Blush


This two blush and one highlighter trio can be used mixed or solo. It has a exceptionally velvety soft consistency for a bright and fresh looking complexion.


I love the two blush colours too. So lovely and the colour pay off is brilliant. Not too over the top but not too suttle . The highlighter gives off a radiant glow. This palette is called Cherry Cocktail.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick


I love these colours. I think when people pick Lipsticks out for me I’m more daring, but when I pick them out for myself I’m always going for the safe options I know suit me. I love how the colour of each lipstick runs through the middle of the tube too so you can pick out quickly which one you want


The colour pay off is great too. And they are quite nourishing! From left to right we have On The Catwalk , Coral Calling and Natural Beauty. My favourite at the moment is the Coral Calling. Never had a coral shade before.

P2 Pure Colour Lipstick


This super lightweight formula lipstick provides long-adhering and intense color gloss. It also prevents color running in the fine lip lines.


This shade is called Kärntnerstrasse. It’s a lovely shade and quite nourishing too.

Manhattan Perfect & Creamy Care


I picked this out for Reify to get me. The creamy consistency gives a rich colour without drying out your lips.


The colour I picked out was 95D. It’s quite a minimal lipstick. Not too glossy but not completely matte which is what i want for the day time.

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolour Butter


This lip butter delivers the color and wear of a lipstick, the moisture of a balm and the shine of a gloss, it’s the ultimate all-in-one for lips in the most convenient format. I do love a product that can do it all!


The colour I received is called Loved Up. This stuff smells amazing! So much so I was almost tempted to take a nibble! I wore this out yesterday after I received my box and it hydrates, comforts, smoothes and soothed my dry lips.

Astor BIG & Beautiful BOOM Volume Mascara


This mascara delivers up to 10 times more explosive volume in a snap thanks to its exclusive over-sized “One-Coat Brush” and unique creamy amplifying and beautifying formula infused with plumping collagen. Lashes look lusciously large and flirtatiously full from the very first coat. This is one of the product I asked Reify to get me. I love the big brush and I hope it does itself justice! Read my full review of this product here.

So that’s it for part one! Literally everything will get used here, Reify has done such an amazing job at picking out products suited to me! Part 2 is available here.


31 thoughts on “Beauty Swap Goodies part 1

  1. Apparently wilko’s now do essence in the uk. I saw an advert in a magazine but I’m yet to go into a store so don’t quote me on it! Haha. but the stuff looks awesome and I really want to try it out!
    Can’t wait for part two! 😀

    • I’ve literally just finished it up.. But I’m not posting till tomorrow 😉 I’m evil like that haha. I’d of posted it all together but the full one I did earlier deleted itself! I was so annoyed and didn’t have time to do a full post I thought I’d just split it into two. Makes it more exciting this way anyway, well I think so anyway ha :). Ohh I hope they are, would love to get a few more colours of the lipstick! X

      • Awww evil! 😛
        At least its the promise of something lovely to read tomorrow. (;
        I might have a look in tomorrow so if I see something i’ll be sure to blog about it! haha. xx

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  3. I actually got the Essence lipstick in Natural Beauty through in my Glossybox today! What a coincidence! Haha, it’s a lovely shade though and they feel so nice on! x

      • I was at first, then when I went through everything I only didn’t like the perfume sample. But when I priced my box up it didn’t come to the promised £33 so now I’m less pleased with it. Seems to always be a mixed bag with Glossybox x

      • From what I found after a 2 second google, the product isn’t a Glossybox exclusive, you can buy the exact same thing just with a different lid. Assuming you mean the highlighter ofc :p x

      • And is that not instead of now? :p

        Yeah I don’t really count a perfume sample as a product, but they clearly have. And even including the value of that my box didn’t quite make the £30 mark, let alone the promised minimum of £33. Someone else I saw got a full sized £20 cleanser instead of the £2.30 essence lipstick, so her box was worth £45! I would have happily had a sample of that cleanser instead of the perfume and my box would have been worth more for it too. But I guess that’s the gamble you take with these subscription boxes x

      • If they hadn’t have promised a box value of £33, I’d have been happy with one worth £30. On a more positive note, I just put on the nail varnish and I think it’s really nice! 🙂 x

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