Beauty Swap Goodies part 2

Welcome back! If you haven’t already check out my part 1 of my Beauty Swap with Reify you can check it out here! Let’s get back to what I recieved..

Treacle Moon Body Lotion


These smell amazing! They are gonna be so useful when I go to Reading Festival on Wednesday! You don’t smell the best when your at a festival, but I’m gonna smell amazing with these! They are a convenient size too for traveling. My favourite out of the three has to be My Coconut Island. I literally couldn’t stop smelling myself with all of them!

Balea Chamomile Hand & Nail Balm


This hand and nail balm is the perfect size for my handbag. It has chamomile extract that gives your hands soothing moisture. This is gonna come in handy when the weather changes soon.

Schaebens Dead Sea Mask


I love these packet’s of face masks. They are so ideal when you fancy a pamper day. I’m gonna try out one of these the night before I go to ready to get my skin in tip top shape! The mit algen is a seaweed mask and the intensive reinigung is an intensive cleaning mask. Think I might use the seaweed one for before and the cleansing one for when I get back! Check out my full review of these face masks here.

Alverde Mint Bergamot Shower Gel


I do love a good smelling shower gel! With organic bergamot-water, organic lemon extract and mild surfactants this shower gel gently cleanses without drying. Vegetable glycerin and moisturizing factor wheat-based support the moisture balance of the skin, and sea salt stimulates and revitalizes the skin. Can’t wait to try this out!

Dresdner Essence Bath Products


These bath salts smell divine. I like how they have a little tiny hole in the top right so you can smell before you buy. This sample is called Kornblume Baumwolle which translates into Cornflower Cotton. This sample is for dry and sensitive skin, it gently maintained with cotton extract and shea butter. Precious avocado oil and an intensive care complex pamper the skin noticeably.


This sample is called Wasserlilie Reismilch which translates into Water Lily Rice Milk. The subtle fruity accents of water lily and rice milk is refreshing like a beautiful summer day. Valuable rice protein and an intensive care complex pamper your skin and protect it.


I love bath bombs. This bomb has fruity-fresh note of melon combined with an aquatic pinch. The bomb stimulates the senses and makes for a refreshing body sensation. A special intensive care complex of avocado oil, allantoin and wheat protein prevents drying of the skin and promotes its natural regeneration.

Kneipp Bath Oil Collection


I love bath oils. They make your bath feel more luxurious. This is a lovely little collection I can’t wait to try out! Formulated with the purest natural plants and herbs in the form of concentrated essential oils, Kneipp Herbal Baths nourish the body while relaxing the mind. There are 6 oils which are Entspannung pur meaning Pure relaxation. Tiefen entspannung meaning Deep relaxation. Mandelblüten hautzart meaning Skin delicate almond blossoms. Kuschelbad which I’m not totally sure on, any help? Glückliche Auszeit meaning happy break and Stressfrei meaning stress free.

Alterra Conditioner


This weekly conditioner smells amazing, and why wouldn’t it? It contains the best quality raw materials, extracts of Aloe Vera, Organic Pomegranate and Organic Acacia flowers nourishes the hair, moisturizes and gives your hair a major boost.

Guhl Depth Structure 1 Minute Cure Concentrate


This is a restructuring mask which protects against split ends and hair breakage. It repairs your hair from scratch and leaves your hair shiny from root to tip.

Udo Walz Repair Construction Hair Mask


This hair mask is enriched with liquid keratin, to give your hair more strength and structure. I’ve never used a keratin product before so I’m curious to know what the benefits are!

Swiss O Par Hair Treatment


I’ve never seen conditioners in little sachets like this before! I got sent three sachets of this. Kiwi obviously translates to kiwi. Lotus sandelholz translates to Lotus Sandal and kirschblute translates to Cherry Blossom.

Syoss Instant Oil In Cream Remedy Mask


Again, I don’t know alot about keratin products but I’d love it if someone could tell me more about it. I looked on the Syoss website to find out more and they make these claims for this mask.

Immediate Keratin boost for 100 % strength & structure repair deep within the cell
Smoothens the hair fibre for 100 % suppleness
Intense nourishment for 100 % shine without weighing down

Balea Professional Repair Hair Oil


I love using hair oils. They make my hair easier to brush after washing because my hair always gets knotty if I don’t treat it probably when I’m in a rush. The intensive formula with rich oil complex nourishes severely damaged hair – without weighing it down. There’s nothing I hate more then products weighing my hair done, when you have thick hair like I do you try your best to keep it as light as possible, so I’m pleased to see its lightweight!

I also got a post card from Reify thanking me for the project and hoping I enjoy my products. How sweet!


While typing this up I was chomping on a lovely Milka chocolate bar that was in my box of goodies! It got me through having to type it all up twice ordeal! So that’s my part 2 done! Reify again did an amazing job on the hair care, skin care and bath product side! Such an amazing mixture of products. They will all get used up! I’ve got alot of samples to get through! This has been such an amazing thing to do. I’m happy to have done it and that Reify joined in! I’ll probably do another one in a couple of months time if anyone would be interested. But until then, I have all these beautiful products to get though! I’ll do some reviews of these too, including items from part 1. I encourage all of you that have commented saying that this is such a cool thing to do to just do it for yourself! It’s so much fun, you won’t regret it! Thanks again Reify.


4 thoughts on “Beauty Swap Goodies part 2

  1. Looks like you got some amazing products! And I can’t wait to hear what you think of them.
    I think you’ll love the keratin treatments. Keratin is a protein that makes up a significant portion of your hair and nails, so using products with keratin in it often strengthen your hair while providing hydration and elasticity. All good things! I use a keratin leave-in conditioner and have noticed softer, fuller looking hair. Hope it does the same for you!

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