The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub Review

I brought this in my Body Shop Haul. I’ve never really been much for salt scrubs, but since I had to make my money up to get the discount I thought I would give this a try.



This salt scrub is inspired by African tribal spa rituals. It moisturises as it exfoliates

Massage onto wet skin in the bath or shower. Rinse thoroughly.

I love the packaging of this. It’s so cute and reusable, and the tub is so big at 350ml, it’s going to last me forever! It says to massage onto wet skin, but I think it works better on dry skin. Not totally dry but I find that it doesn’t work as well if your skin is soaked. When I used it on wet skin it just seemed to disappear and it just seemed really pointless. It smells great and the texture is amazing. It’s not too rough on your skin and the cream in the scrub really moisturises. Left my skin so soft and polished.

I think this is a little bit expensive at £15. Saying that, you do get alot and I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I feel like I have used hardly any. The Body Shop always have offers on, which is only when I really buy from them to be honest, so you can always get a good deal of things that you think are a bit expensive. The benefits of this scrub are amazing, as long as you use it on dry skin. It’s pretty pointless on wet skin. I have no idea why they tell you to use in wet skin.

You can check out this item on The Body Shop website here.

Have you used this salt scrub? What did you think? Do you use any other salt scrubs? Anything you can recommend? Let me know!


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