Drugstore Favourites Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Rachel at rachwat. Sorry it taken me so long to do this! I love drugstore products. I’m not much of a high end sort of person because I just love a good bargain! I could spend hours in Superdrug and Boots. I stole your picture too Rachel because I love it haha!

What is your favorite drugstore/cheap makeup brand overall?
If I was to say cheap I would have to be revolution. They’re Eyeshadow palettes are amazing. If you’re new to revolution I did a recent haul of some of there items.

What are your favorite lip products?
I can never pick out a lipstick that’s my favourite, but I’m really loving MUA Lipsticks that are a pound a go!

What are your favorite face products?
My favourite foundation has to be Max Factor All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation.  For powder it would have to be Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder.

What are your favorite cheek products?
I recently brought a cheap Revolution Blusher that I really love that I brought in my Revolution Haul.

What is your least favorite product?
I hate to say it but… I really don’t like the Barry M nail polishes! I know people love them, but they start off really nice but they gloop up really quickly and are unusable after a couple of weeks in my experience. I’m yet to use their gel based nail varnishes so I’m hoping they will be better

What is your best makeup bargain?
The best bargain I’ve had recently was my revolution Eyeshadow palette which was just £4 and is a dupe for the Urban Decay naked palette.

I tag anyone to do this that loves a good bargain like me and loves to rummage through the drugstore for that hidden gem!


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