Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish Review

I received this in my August Glossybox. I haven’t been using nail varnish lately because I had to cut all my nails off because of going to Reading Festival. There is nothing I hate more then breaking a nail and at a place like that you always will!


I’m not the biggest fan of pink. It’s too girly for me and if you knew me in person you would see I’m not that girly, I just love my make up and clothes! My heart sunk when I saw yet another mini bottle of nail polish. The brushes are always so tiny in these mini pots that it’s so hard to get good coverage on your nail bed, which is what i found with this. Although it worked out in the end, it just seems like too much hard work for a colour I’m not really that hyped about. I wish I could just be sent full sized nail polishes or not at all. It’s lasted me a couple of days now and I only have a few chips but I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately which always ruins my nails. It’s held up its gloss which I’m impressed with.

It’s not a bad nail varnish. It seems like I hate it because of the sample size brush, but the actual nail polish is good. I can’t really comment if I would buy a full size one because I’m not too sure about the brush. Weather I don’t like it because it’s so small or that I just don’t like it. This is why i hate being sent sample sizes of nail polish because I can never judge them properly

What did you think of your Yves Rocher nail polish? Would you buy a fill size? What did you think of the brush? Let me know!


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