Elasticizer… What exactly does it do?

I know that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while. Since receiving a sample of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my August Glossybox, I’ve been even more curious. Now, I don’t like to make out i know everything about everything, because I don’t. But I do like to research things before I post about them, so I thought I would show my finding with you all that, like me, are a bit confused by it still.

I found this really old post from 2010 by Philip Kingsley, I tried to reblog it but it reblogged it on an old blog name of mine and wouldn’t let me repost it on this one, so I’m going to copy it and link the post.


Elasticizer is made up of a balanced combination of:

Emollients (vital to help hair to retain moisture)
Natural vegetable oils (extremely moisturising)
Sunscreen (UV protection)
Elastin (puts the elasticity and strength back into hair)

These ingredients penetrate deep under your hair’s cuticle to moisturise, condition and strengthen your hair from within.

The cationic silicone and hair conditioners help to deposit a molecular layer of the above ingredients onto your hair surface, as well as neutralising static, flyaways, and improving comb through and shine.  Because your hair is conditioned from within, combined with a controlled amount of each ingredient being cationically deposited on the hair surface, your hair is left feeling natural and light.

Elasticizer is unlike other conditioners, which leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down with polymers, silicones, oils and waxes – this makes it pefect for very fine hair, as people with fine hair are often reluctant to use rich conditioning treatments.

To sum up, its all about the Cationic Action! The greater majority of active ingredients remain trapped under the cuticles and diffuse into your hair structure.  Washing your hair with shampoo removes excess oils and conditioning agents, leaving it’s surface with a carefully balanced level of active ingredients which remain on your hair by cationic action.  This prevents the heavy build-up that is often encountered with intensive conditioners.

Original post is available here


3 thoughts on “Elasticizer… What exactly does it do?

  1. I don’t really get it either. I got this in my Autumn GlossyBox as well and I have yet to use it, so I don’t even know if it works! I suppose healthy hair, when you give it a pull, does have a little bit of stretch to it before it snaps. The more damaged your hair is, the easier it is to snap it and get split ends etc. I’m a little skeptical about it putting elasticity back into my hair though… O.o x

    • I used mine last night and to be honest I have noticed less breakage. I bleach my hair and I try to keep it in good condition, but it’s never going to be perfect because of the harsh chemicals in bleach. My hair tends to fall out alot (not massively, I’m not going bald!) especially when I brush it, but brushing it last night and this morning I’ve noticed quite a bit of difference!

      • Yeah, mine falls out too, but not at a ‘I’m going bald’ kind of rate. It’s just everywhere. Since I ombred my hair it’s really getting on my nerves. If you’ve noticed a difference that’s great! I will give mine ago and hope for the best! 🙂 x

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