Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2 in 1 Pore Purifying Mask & Peel Review



I brought this in my Boots &  Superdrug Haul. I love Soap & Glory products, I’ve never had one that’s dissapointed me.

Massage The Fab Pore into your face and concentrate on your T zone. Clog prone? Leave 5 minutes for a quick refresher or 15 minuites for an extreme clean. Rinse well, and follow with moisture/treatment cream. Repeat as needed (1-3 times weekly)

The first thing I noticed while putting it on was it makes my skin tingle a little, and it kinda smells like mints! It has tiny exfoliating beads to scrub your face while you’re applying. It’s clay based but it doesn’t actually set like a clay mask usually would, so you can properly work this into your skin to exfoliate. The thing I hate about clay mask is that your can’t move your face once they are starting to dry, but this one is totally different. I feel I can have this on for 15 minutes without getting annoyed with it, and I did have it on for 15 minutes without getting annoyed. It took me literally a minute to take it off. I hate scrubbing at my face when a face mask is just too thick and won’t come off without me taking a layer of skin off and ruining a Muslin cloth. That’s another thing, this stuff won’t stain your cloths. The amount of cloths I’ve had to throw away because I just can’t get the stains out from other masks annoys me. But because this is so light it washes off so easily. It left my skin feeling so clean and soft, I’ve never used anything like it!

Although it is a little tub at 50ml for £10, you only need a little bit each time. So I feel that it’s going to last a while. At least a couple of months if I was to use it every week. The benefits are amazing, my skin felt mattified and my skin felt cleaner. I’m really impressed with this so I’ll definitely be repuchasing this.

Have yoy used this product? What did you think? What other masks do you love? Let me know!

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