Schaebens Face Mask Review


Hello beauties! I received these masks in my beauty swap with Reify. You can check out what i received in my beauty swap in my part 1 & part 2.

Intensive Reinigung
This translated from German is intensive cleaning, and boy is it! It is a clay based mask with exfoliating beads to help scrub your skin clean. The first thing I noticed while applying this is the unusual smell. It wasn’t very pleasant I must say, but if it does the job I don’t really care! A packet was more then enough for your entire face. It dried quite quickly too. The only thing that annoyed me about this was how hard it was to get off. But I can look over that, because when I finally did, my skin felt amazing. So clean and soft. I only wish I had more!

Mit Algen
This is a seaweed face mask is for blemished and problematic skin. My nose was thankful that this one didn’t smell at all! Reify warned me that it might sting a little, but she assured me it doesn’t irritate your skin, and it didn’t. The stinging didn’t last for long, just a couple of minutes. Like the other one, there is more then enough for one application, I’m getting two out of these! The formula isn’t as thick as the other mask which makes it easier to remove, which is always something I’m happy with! I washed it off with warm water and I got the rest of with a cloth. My skin felt so clean after drying off my face. After moisturising my skin was certainly happy!

Overall I’m very happy with these masks. Especially the Intensive Reinigung because I feel like it made more of a difference to my skin, even if it did smell a bit! I love these because you can get two uses out of them, so it’s value for money! Alot of face masks I’ve brought like this,Β  they usually have just enough for a full coverage of your face, so I was really impressed by this having so much product in each sachet.

What’s your favorite face mask? Have you tried any of these? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Schaebens Face Mask Review

  1. I love those face masks so much I had to make you try them (: They look so unimpressive and boring but they cleanse and smooth out my skin like nothing else! I feel you about the removing part though…

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