Astor BIG & Beautiful BOOM! Volume Mascara Review

I received this in my beauty swap from Reify. This is one of the items I asked her for, I loved the packaging and it sounded too good to be true.. Check out what else I received in my beauty swap in my Part 1 & Part 2.


Big & Beautiful Boom! mascara delivers up to 10 times more explosive volume in a snap thanks to its exclusive over-sized “One-Coat Brush” and unique creamy amplifying and beautifying formula infused with plumping collagen. Lashes look lusciously large and flirtatiously full from the very first coat. If looks could kill, these excessive lashes would be deadly…

Mascara is one of the things I will put on everyday when i leave the house, I couldn’t leave without it! I love the nylon bristle wand on this mascara. They help separate your lashes, so you don’t get those horrible clumps. The one coat formula helps with the clumping too, I find when you put a couple of coats on with mascara, it can clump and flake alot. Not with this. It also makes them look fuller and longer, I haven’t got the best eyelashes in the world, this comes from constantly wearing fake eyelashes a couple of years ago (don’t do it girls, only special occasions!) so this really helps me. I wouldn’t say my eyelashes were 10 times more explosive, but it really does make a difference. I love the packaging too. I never really comment much about packaging, because I’d rather comment on the product then what’s the product is in, but I just love the gold! It makes it feel expensive! The Astor marketers have really realed me in! I’m such a sucker for packaging.. I’ve been using this for about a month now and and 9/10 times I wouldn’t get black smudges under my eyes.

I’m so glad that i picked this item for Reify to get me in our swap. It’s no benefits They’re Real, but it’s a good alternative! The only thing that let’s it down is on occasions I’ll get smudges under my eyes, but that’s only 1/10 times. Everything else I love about it! I need to find somewhere on the Internet I can get another now..

What’s your favourite mascara at the moment? Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? Let me know!


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