Glossybox September First Impressions

Hello beauties! So I received my box a few days ago, but work has really took it out of me this week I’ve been so tried! Hope I’m not getting I’ll again. Anyway, this month’s box is a Karen Miller themed box!


Model Co More Brows Fibre Gel


This innovative brush on fibre gel gives the appearance of fuller, thicker Brows instantly

I’ve never tried a gel based brow definer personally. I’ve always been a pencil girl myself but maybe this will be the bridge into my new found love for gel? Maybe.. This is a full size 3.5ml tube worth £14.95. I ended up giving this to a friend because it was way too dark for me.

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil


This lightweight pip cards for and pampers all hair types.

I’ve been wanting to try this out because it’s gotten rave reviews. I’m pretty dedicated to my Avon Advanced Techniques Morocco Argan Oil, but it wouldn’t hurt to try this! This is a 45ml sample worth around £8

Skin Pep Enzyme & Acid Peel and Peeling Gel


Peeling Gel: this highly effective peeling  gel uses Pineapple and Papaya extracts to create gently exfoliated, soft and bright skin.

I got two samples of this. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I guess this is what glossybox is about! The ‘Acid Peel’ in the title of this product kinda scares me..The sachets are both 3.5ml worth £3.05 full review is available here.

Eye Cream: this powerful dark circles eraser used anti oxidant ingredients to boost collagen in the delicate undereye area

This is a 2ml sample of this eye cream, I don’t think it’s really enough to see an actual difference to be honest. It takes a product up to 7-14 days to make any actual difference. I’ll give it a go obviously.. But I hate it when they send such small samples of products that promise big. This 2ml sample is worth £6.49

Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat


This matte effect top coat gives toy two very different looks for every one of your nail polishes. The perfect way to add a ubiquitous twist to your favourite shades.

I was so glad to see this polish. I’ve been wanting to try a matte top coat for ages. This is a 10ml bottle worth £12

Kiss Haute Couture Lashes


Kiss Haute Couture’s natural looking strip lashes are lightweight and Wear comfortably into the night. The enclosed applicator is curved with a side grip allowing for full view of last, masking application amazingly easy.

I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to fake lashes.. I used to wear them everyday for like a year. But don’t do that girls, it really messes up your lashes! I’m really excited to try these out because I hardly wear them anymore. These lashes are worth £4.99.

Overall I’m happy with this month’s box. Everything will get used which can be the down side of these boxes. The contents of this box is worth just under £50 which is amazing, with a promise from glossybox that every box would be over £44. With the box just costing £13.95 it’s great value. My last box wasn’t that impressive at just over £30 when they promised every box would be over £33. They’re excuse was the sample sizes were totaled up as full size with the value which is stupid I think if you’re not getting a full sized item. I think they have learnt from there mistakes from the last box.

If you’re interested in subscribing to glossybox if you could use my referal link I get 200 glossybox points for every referal!

What did you think of your glossybox this month? What’s your favourite product? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “Glossybox September First Impressions

  1. I see I’m not the only one scarred by ‘acid peel’! Did you see that is says you need to wear SPF for a couple of days after? Concerned my skin will react with that product but overall amazing boxes this month!x

      • It makes me a bit nervous! If I give it a go, I’m gonna make sure its on a day I don’t have to leave the house in case my face goes bright red!
        I reacted to the Benefit eye cream from Birchbox, so I think this product is probably not gonna work for me either! x

      • My moisturiser I use daily has SPF 30, which is what it recommends so I’m not too worried about that part, I’m just concerned its gonna be really harsh on my skin and that I’ll react to it!
        Haha, if I ever meet you and still have it, its yours! You can also have my orange lipstick from July’s Glossybox :p
        I am surprised that Benefit didn’t make sure their skin care was suitable for sensitive skin though. I’ve never had a problem with any of their make up so was really surprised x

      • It’s not something I really look at to be honest because I don’t really have sensitive skin. Which is bad because I just end up not being overly picky and buying everything 😅 x

      • There’s a few things over the years I’ve noticed make my skin red or itchy, such as tea tree and anything clearasil, so I know to steer away from anything with that in. I wish I knew what it was in the Benefit eye cream that set my skin off cause it was a horrible burning sensation that left my skin sore and red for 12hours! Definitely the worst reaction I’ve had to something in years, so I’m being extra cautious at the moment. x

  2. We got identical items! Only I think I got a Nivea make up remover rather than the eye lashes. The acid peel stuff has terrified me and I really don’t think I will use it. It’ll probably end up in the draw of things I keep for the sake of keeping but never use.

    If you do use it, keep us posted! (I’m such a wuss haha) … 😀

  3. I’m so scared of the acid peel! Let us know if you try it.. I’m debating giving it a go today, but I’m searching the internet everywhere for reviews!! Can’t seem to find anything that’ll tell me my sensitive skin won’t react terribly. Eeeeep!

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