What’s In My Handbag Try: 111 Skin Y Theorem Repair Serum

Hello beauties! This isn’t so much a review but to let everyone know about What’s In My Handbag sample offers! So a while  ago, I posted about What’s In My Handbag and how they send out free samples of items they feature. I haven’t been lucky enough yet, but yesterday I got an email telling me I’d be receiving the 111 Skin repair serum sample! I got home and it was waiting for me, that was quick!


About the product
This repair serum is the original product created by Dr Alexandrides that inspired the 111SKIN range. The repair serum significantly boosts collagen production, supports cells regeneration and improves the elasticity of the skin. The result is Instant hydration, effective volume enhancement, and a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although it’s only 2 X 1.5ml samples, serums can go a long way, so I’m excited to try it out! But then again, it takes from 7-14 days for a skincare product to show any benefits so I don’t see how im going to see any benefits from this sample. A full size 30ml bottle will set you back £190 though, so I can see why you only get sent this much… But it’s nice to try out a high end product like this! I don’t see how it gonna justify buying the full priced bottle though!

It’s well worth signing up for What’s In My Handbag Try’s, I read alot about people never recieving stuff but this is proof you do! You just have to do it properly, alot of people probably just enter to recieve it but don’t add it to their wish list on WIMH. Check out my post here about how to get involved!


5 thoughts on “What’s In My Handbag Try: 111 Skin Y Theorem Repair Serum

  1. I’m meant to be getting this from what’s in my handbag but I won’t get it till weekend as its going to my student house. I didn’t realise it was only two sachets suppose its something new to try 🙂

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