Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion Review

I recieved this in my September You Beauty Discovery Box. I love Sanctuary Spa products so I was happy to see this on the list of items to order.


If you’re feeling a little tired after a long tough day, wrap your weary body in lashings of comforting floral moisture.

Infused with a blend of shea butter & rose extracts, slather over your limbs to help soothe your senses. Skin is left feeling beautifully soft, smooth & delicately scented.

Drift away to a field of florals for a perfectly nourishing escape.

The one thing I like about this is that the scent isn’t too in your face. It’s beautifully floral. It’s quite suttle but noticeable. It soaked into your skin beautifully because it’s so light, which is what i need in the morning because I never leave myself enough time to get ready for work! Nothing worse then having to wait for your lotion to dry! It’s not greasy at all which I find alot with body lotions. My skin is left moderately soft, but I think other moisturisers have left my skin feeling softer.

To be honest, everything ticks the boxes for me. The scent, how well it soaks in, non greasy.. it’s just not as moisturising as other procure I’ve used since. Which is a shame because I love the smell! It’s an everyday scent. Would I buy this again? Probably not. I got the last one as a gift so that’s probably why I liked it then because I didn’t pay for it! But if it was going to be my own money I’d prefer something more moisturising.

Do you love Sanctuary Spa? What’s your favourite product by them? Any other body lotion you love? Let me know!


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