October You Beauty Discovery Box First Impressions


Hello my beauties! Well I’m back! I haven’t had alot of time lately to actually blog. It was my friends wedding the weekend just past and I was a bridesmaid so my attention was going onto that (remind me never to get married!). But now that’s all over I can focus more on what I love to do, blog! I received this a week or so ago so I’m sorry it’s late! But better late then never right? So let’s crack on to what I received!

Items I picked:

Paul Mitchell Fast Form


Get the plush conditioning of a cream with the hold of a gel. Paul Mitchell Fast Form is the fast and easy way to make that mane behave. Natural moisturising ingredients help to soothe every strand and add shine without leaving a product heavy feel.

I don’t really do alot with my hair to be honest. I’m more of a straight sleek kinda person. The hair products I usually buy are serums and hair masks. But i thought I would try and change it up and start doing something different. This is a 25ml sample which is pretty good. It’s got a pump action which I also like. I hate hair products that are in tubs except masks. I’m excited to see how I get on with this! Full size is 200ml which retails at £16.

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer


This fast drying nail varnish glides on smooth for gorgeous, glossy colour. For long lasting wear, apply two coats using Crabtree & Evelyn clear lacquer as both a colour adhesive Base and a protective finish.

I’ve actually already tried this and I love the colour. I totally forgot to take a picture when I had it on but next time I apply it I’ll be sure to take a picture. Always love trying out nail varnishes. This is a 15ml bottle that retails at £6

Extra treats:

Gold Collagen Forte


A new anti ageing beauty supplement that contains hydrolysed Collagen enriched with a unique blend of antioxidants (Q10, acai berry, pomegranate, lycopene, L-Carnosine and resveratrol) to protect against the oxidative stress. Gold Collagen Forte supplies the body with all the anti ageing ingredients it needs to didn’t the appearance of advanced signs of ageing.

Reading the description of this product.. You would of though that you had to put it on your skin… Turns out you drink it.. You can get 10 bottles of 50ml for £40 in boots. The directions for use on the bottle say

Recommended dose: drink 1 bottle per day, 3 weeks to stimulate skin hydration, 6 weeks for skin smoothness, 9 weeks for skin firmness or longer for greater benefits.

This sounds really expensive… If 10 bottle are £40.. Then 3 weeks worth is over £80.. I’m just gonna stop there. I’m interested in seeing what it tastes like… But I most likely won’t be buying these looking at the price tag.

Cowshed Perfecting Night Serum


The ultimate all in one anti ageing treatment for busy women with busy lives. The innovative serum in oil hybrid is bursting with natural active ingredients and essential oils that work wonders on your skin while you sleep, so that you can wake up to a firmer, brighter and smoother complexion.

I love Cowshed products. They are a little pricey for me but I always look forward to trying their products. At the same time I don’t see the point in sampling tiny skincare products like this. If it’s a 2 week worth sample that I can get use out of and see the benefits I’m more likely to buy it  if I like it. But little sachets will most likely go in the draws of all the other sachets.

So that was this month’s box! I am impressed with You Beauty Discovery every month. I don’t know any other beauty subscription that is under £7 that gives you quality products that you get to pick. If to want a beauty subscription that is cheap and you can pick what YOU want, this is your box!

What did you think of this month’s You Beauty Discovery Box? Did you get what you wanted out of the list? Or was it sold out? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!


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