Ways to use Egyptian Magic

So you’ve probably seen me post a bit lately about Egyptian Magic. I recently brought a full sized tub, so I’ve been researching different ways you can actually use this, and I thought I would share it with you beautiful people! The quotes featured in my post are all from the testimonials section of Egyptian Magics website from their customers.


This is the most obvious use, and the one it’s well known for. It only takes a small amount to intensely moisturise your skin. Containing only 6 natural ingredients Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis, this miracle in a tub packs a punch. It’s free of additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens. 

.. the other day I ran out of my night eye cream and was looking at the tub of this stuff and tried it under my eyes. WOW! My eyes looked great the next morning. The next night I tried it all over my face. My skin looked amazing the next day. I was so hesitant to try this, as I have super oily skin, large pores, etc.

Face Mask
If you suffer from dry skin, this stuff will fix that! Recently with the weather change, I’ve had a few patches of dry skin on my face. After cleansing your face, all you need to do is use a bit more then you usually would to just moisturise your skin to mask your face. Wait 20 minutes for it to penetrate your skin and wash off with a warm washcloth. 

I try a lot of products from lotions and creams to skin treatments and more (it’s one of the great perks of the biz). However, so many “it” creams can be torture for the skin. When I tried Egyptian Magic, my skin was moisturized, glowing and blemish free.

Treating Cuts
I’ve read a lot of reviews saying it helps heal small cuts faster.

there were several times myself and my crew used it… it was great for cuts, which we all had many of since we were climbing and trekking all over Bolivia

Healing Scars
I’ve tried out quite a few products that promise to diminish scars. I have one above my eyebrow, so I’m looking forward to see if this works. 

I woke up and glanced in the mirror and just couldn’t believe what I saw! The red scar marks on my face had diminished and just the overall quality of my skin looked better than it ever had!

After using your product for nearly 3 months, the appearance of my scars are barely there. I have tried everything from dermabrasion to mederma nothing worked. Your product has made my once really red dark scars into light pink spots on my skin. I have only used half the bottle, imagine when I finish the bottle. I am absolutely amazed, I don’t have to wear makeup if I don’t want to and my confidence is so much higher.

Healing Eczema
Alot of people prefer using this natural cream, rather then the creams prescribed by doctors due to long term use of steroids worrying people.

my 21-month-old daughter who has a bad case of eczema on her arm. Her doctor prescribed two different cortisone creams; neither worked. We saw a dermatologist who prescribed a third, and rather than go that route I have been using Egyptian Magic on her twice a day. I have seen a huge difference since we have started using it on a regular basis. The irritation and inchiness has subsided.

Hair Treatment
You can use it to get those fly away hairs in place, control frizz, or just slap it on after washing your hair as a conditioner!

I’ve been travelling in South East Asia for the past few weeks and my hair was suffering from the humidity! It’s very difficult hair and doesn’t respond well to much so for most of my trip I sported the Frizzy Look. Thankfully I found someone one who looked as though they had my type of hair but it looked perfectly curly with no frizzies in sight. Upon asking this guy what he was using to combat the elements and maintain the Shirley Temple curls despite the 99% humidity, he pulled out a tub of Egyptian Magic Cream. It is fantastic stuff! 

Treating Burns
If treating burns, apply at least 24 hours after the burn, so the heat isn’t conducted under the cream, but rather helps to heal the sore patch

While cleaning up I ran across it and used it on a burn I had. I thought I was going to be scarred from the way it wasn’t healing but once I put your Cream on it you can’t even tell I was burnt. I now never have the jar out of my sight. 

Treating Furniture
I was shocked reading this one, but it can also give your furniture a new lease of life!

I used it to pleasing effect on my feet that evening and as I read the ingredients it occurred to me that it might be perfect for attempting to rub the scratches out that my 1914 Ellington upright grand piano suffered in her last move. I’ve got to tell you I got more than a little carried away after seeing how well it worked and the piano now looks better than I’ve ever seen it. It not only cleaned and removed scratches from the surface but also gave the tiger mahogany a beautiful deep lustre.


Treating Acne Scars
My friend has bad ache scars from when she was younger, so I’m gonna show her this one!

I used to have a face full of acne when I was young. I am 40 years old and have an oily skin besides having a bumpy skin because of the breakout. I didn’t expect much since the cream was greasy. To my surprise, however, I have a great skin condition after applying it overnight. After a while, the skin surface got smooth. In my entire 40 years, I have the most beautiful skin now.

Treating Wrinkles
I had some wrinkles that were looking quite deep under my eyes. It was getting me down, and it worked for me. They haven’t completely gone, but they look a hell of alot smoother then they did!

I had two major wrinkles on my forehead. No cosmetic product helped improve the situation. The wrinkles started fading away after using your product, and people tell me that I look younger these days.

Treating Insect Bites
Everyone knows the pain of an insect bite… When we had our cat, he always got fleas no matter how hard we tried to keep them away. Could of done with some of this then!

I was bitten by a black-fly. I was really concerned, I was recommended your cream. Within one day, the itchiness and pain got better.

Treating Lips
This is another obvious one. The texture of the cream is alot like vaseline, so it kinda makes sense!

My lip were very rough and dry. Any type of lipsticks made my lip swollen. With your cream, my lip got better.

So those are some of the testimonials I’ve found that I thought were quite good. I’m really looking forward to using this product in different ways, hopefully not for any burns and cuts any time soon though, for obvious painful reasons! How have you used Egyptian Magic?


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