November You Beauty Discovery

Hello  beauties! So I was only thinking the other day about my you beauty box, and then it arrives!


This year’s boxes is tailored to the theme of gift worthy goodies worth the wait. They promise to impress and they’re confident that you will discover at least two new beauty products to add to your Christmas wish list. So lets get into what I picked this month!

Therapie Roques Oneil Himalayan Detox Salt


A Blissful cocktail of therapeutic Himalayan mineral salts to fortify the spirit. Like a natural valium, these bath salts calm stress based palpitations, balance energy flow and help combat insomnia.

I decided to add these to my box this month because to be honest, I have so much make up to get through, I wanted something I would use straight away. I love bath products so it seemed perfect for me.

Skin & Tonic Steam Clean


This simple, organic Cleansing balm is made with British thistle, aromatic eucalyptus and refreshing spearmint oils to lift dort &  rejuvenate dull, tired skin. All Skin &Tonic products are suitable and crafted by hand in London.

I love a good skin care product and I love ones that are organic. This is a 15ml tub which I will get a lot of use our of. It smells amazing too, so minty! I look forward to slapping it on my face!

Extra Treats

Baobab Superfruit Powder


Aduna Baobab is a rich source of vitamin C, nearly 50% fibre and high in antioxidants. Sweet and citrussy, it can be blended into smoothies or sprinkled on cereal, porridge or yoghurt.

I’m not really sure what to think of this to be honest. I’m still not 100% sure what it is, but I’m always open to try new things!

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm &  Tonic Youth Serum


Introducing the Merumaya dynamic duo that delivers results like you’ve never known. Iconic youth serum and melting Cleansing balm. Meet the dream team that has everyone talking and tweeting.

You all know what I think about tiny samples like these, I don’t see much point in then to be honest. You can’t see a difference in your skin with just one application, so this will probably go into my samples draw.

So that was my picks this month! I’m really looking forward to trying the cleanser and the bath salts, reviews of each item will be our when I’ve had chance to use them! what did you pick for your box?


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