My Favourite Products Of 2014

Every year I always think the years go faster. I remember last new years eve like it was last week, well.. Some of it anyway!


2014 is nearly over, and 2015 is just about to begin. I’ve tried to pick a few items ranging from skincare, hair care and make up..mostly make up though! I’ll link my reviews for each item in the product title. So lets move onto the products shall we?

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder


I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve repurchased this. It’s such amazing powder that sets my make up and keeps my oily parts of my face at bay. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not handbag friendly. I’d really love it if they did a snap lid version with a mirror, I’d totally buy that.

Real Technique Buffing Brush


I think a real technique brush is gonna be on most people’s lists, but I’ve really loved this one. I could of put some of the eye set on too, but i only wanted to pick one. This has made my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation look Flawless. They told me in the Mac store that I should get one of their brushes to get the best effect, but I think I’ll stick to this beauty. It’s never lost any strands, every time I clean it it’s comes back brand new and it’s been put through its fair share of work!

Avon Make Up Setting Spray


Surprisingly, my review of this setting spray is my most viewed posts on my entire blog. I get a view on this post nearly everyday since posting, and I can see why because it’s amazing and keeps my Make Up perfect all day. You hardly have to use any, and I still have over half a bottle left and I brought it ages ago! I don’t use it everyday, but I use it when I need to. Although I love it, I purchased  the Macs setting spray to see how it weighs up. Might do a High End v High Street post!

Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil


I’ve been using this Eyebrow Pencil as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to get into the powder kits because I can never find a shade in the powder kits that suits me as much as this blond pencil does. It stays put all day, it comes with a brush to neaten up your brows, it lasts months and it looks totally natural!

Mac False Lash Waterproof Mascara 


I’ve had alot of trouble trying to find a mascara that won’t leave me with panda eyes. Although I have yet to try out a few i purchased a while ago, this one has been my life saver. Although I would like more volume from this mascara, I’ll pick no panda eyes over volume any day.

Avon Advanced Techniques Dry End Serum


If you have read my empties, you have probably seen this in some. I can’t remember how many I’ve brought, but it’s alot. My hair is bleached so i need products like this to add moisture. I’ve used other serums, but nothing yet has left my hair feeling so soft and healthy.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream


You all know I’ve been boasting about this product. Not only is it a skin cream, but you can use it on your hair too! It also helps with alot of skin problems. You can read all about it in my testimonial post. At first I was very dubious about this product. It seemed so greasy to start with, but the product absorbed into your skin so quickly. It’s all about getting the perfect amount of product. You can use more product and use it as a hydrating mask. The possibilities are endless! I’ve had a tub of it now for a couple of months and I use it every night before I go to bed, and I haven’t even made a proper dent in it!

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1


Ive been using this palette not stop since buying it. It’s a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette. It’s got a great mixture of totally wearable colours that last all day. Why spend the extra on an urban decay when you have its sister for £4?

So those are my picks for 2014! I hope you have a great new years Eve and day and I’ll see you next year!

A Soapy & Glorious Christmas

Hello beauties! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I remember saying to a few of my friends last year that no one ever gets me anything Soap & Glory for Christmas, even though it’s all over the shops around Christmas and it’s something i love.. Well this year I got some! And by some.. I mean alot! This post is just gonna be a run down on each box and what they contain and a description of each product. Reviews will be up when I get around to using them! I’ve got a lot to get through!

Your Own Sweet Lime Gift Set


A gorgeous giftable barrel of Soap & Glory’s take-anywhere-sized Sugar Crush Body Wash, Body Scrub, Body Buttercream and Hand Cream – all in our mouth-watering, freshly squeezed lime fragrance – plus a bonus, super smoothing Body Polisher.


Sugar Crush Body Buttercream smells gorgeous! This utlra-rich body buttercream is loaded with shea & cocoa butter, almond & coconut oil and a super-refreshing double-citrus whammy of uplifting lime oil and smoothing lime tree blossom extract.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub is a brown sugar scrub with a fruity lime fragrance that blends sweet lime oil and almond oil with macadamia grains and glycerin from smashed brown sugar.


Sugar Crush Body Wash is a lovely citrus body wash which leaves you energised, revitalised and fresh. It also features Cool Capsules to cool and refresh, radiance boosting Kiwi Water Juice and their super creamy M Suds moisture boosting Base with skin conditioner.

Sugar Crush Hand Food is a Soap & Glory bestseller, an indisputable winner, and everybody’s favorite hand cream. This rich, non-greasy hydrator comes in a limited-edition, mouth-watering sweet lime scent. Purse-sized for maximum moisture portability, it leaves hands soft, smooth, and soothed.

The Soapremes Gift Set


Soap, in the name of scrub…!  When the waterworks are on and things get steamy, take a break and luxuriate in this delectable collection of shower and skincare treats. Slathering it on never felt so good.


Clean On Me Shower Gel is a very popular pick amongst the ‘love-to-scrub-up’ club, this scrub has a bonus, built in body lotion, so you can get clean, smooth, sexy skin simultaneously.

The Scrub Of Your Life is thick, foamy and fantastically fresh, it’s satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads for the ultimate body scrub experience.


The Righteous Butter is a smooth, creamy, and velvety intense body lotion. With skin softening shea butter and aloe vera to attract moisture, some folks think it’s a bit addictive!

Cosy Socks are so soft. It’s just what is needed now the weather is getting colder. They keep my feet toasty.


Heel Genius Foot Cream is a soak-in foot mask marvel that smoothes and softens while you sleep.

Hand Food Hand Cream is a super-silky gorgeously-scented non-greasy hydrating hand cream featuring fennel and lotus flower extracts, which leaves your hands super smooth.

Soaper Heroes


This gorgeous little gift box includes travel sizes of Soap & Glory’s bestselling products, including Girligo™ scented moisturising body mist, The Righteous Butter™ body butter, Flake Away™ body scrub, Clean On Me Skin™ softening shower gel, and Hand Food™ hand cream.


Girligo Body Moisturising Mist has been said that sensible men have been driven to dizziness by this moisturising scented mist.


Flake Away Body is a Scrub is a superhero strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Its a spa strength dry skin body scrub.

So thats all my Soap & Glory gear i got this Christmas! I think I’ve got enough to last me for half the year! What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know!

December Birchbox First Impressions

Hello beauties! I know I know I’m a bit late with this one! But it’s here now! I’ve been very pleased with Birchbox lately, so i was really excited to receive this box.


With the festivities in full swing, this box was put together to get you ready for the party season. This months box is also in collaboration with accessories designer extraordinaire, Sophie Webster.

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream


Give skin a plumping boost with this ultra hydrating lotion infused with Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

I realise that i forgot to add this into the main picture.. mainly because i have actually been using it a bit. This is a Birchbox exclusive. Its a 10ml sample. Full sized item is worth £50. This is what i prefer about Birchbox to Glossybox. I have an item which is high end, with a good sample size and by a brand I’m not too familiar with. This product is also Paraben Free which i always love.

Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo


Help to repair damaged and improves shine with this nourishing, moisture rich formula.

Again, this is another brand I’m not too familiar with. This is a sample 30ml sample size which will probably only be good for one wash with the amount of hair i have! I’m curious to see what it will do to my hair because mine is quite damaged from bleaching so i use a lot of products to keep it healthy.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Smoke


Your smoke eyes just got as easy as 1-2-3 with this pigmented jumbo pencil

I’ve never really been one for these pencils for your eye shadow. I don’t know why but i always think of when i was a kid and i used to buy these cheap eye shadow pencils that were atrocious colours that were too glittery and would just rub off within an hour. It will probably take me a while to get around to using it because I’m quite set in my ways when it comes to my make up routine. However, it is a colour that i would use so i guess ill have to make myself try  it out when i have more time when doing my make up. This is a full size 4g Birchbox exclusive product worth £8.

Benefit Christmas Cracker High Beam


Open the cracker to discover Benefit’s High Beam; a suits all skin tone liquid illuminator

I’ve heard good things about this product so I’m really excited to try it out. Benefit products are always welcome because they are a lot of money and i like to know they are worth all that money before actually taking the leap, which is why i think Benefit get involved with a lot of beauty subscriptions. I love the cracker too! such a lovely idea for Christmas.

Models Own Nail Polish Obsidian


Matte, yet sparkly. This multi dimensional shade has a velvet finish that we’re obsessed with

I love the colour, i love the glitter, i love Models Own… i don’t love the Velvet top. i hate velvet. it makes my skin crawl. When i first received it, i had to put tape around the top just to try it out!ill be doing a review of this item soon, but one thing i did notice is that when applied, you don’t get that rough surface some glitter nail varnish sometimes leaves! This is a 14ml full sized bottle worth £5.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil


A fine blend of pure rosehip oil for when your skin’s in need of some extra nourishment.

I have a lot of skincare items to get through so i can see this being a while until i have a chance to properly use it. I’m really curious about it though because again its a brand I’m not too familiar with. This is a 2.5ml sample. A full sized bottle is worth £16.50

Lifestyle Bonus
Sophia Webster Purse


Take a walk on the wild side with this leopard print pouch from the converted designer and the Birchbox collaborator!

This will come in handy, and it really is lovely! Might keep it to put in my bag for nights out since its so small.

So that’s my Birchbox for this month! I have loved that most of the items were from brands I’m not familiar with, which is the whole point of these beauty subscriptions, to try out products you haven’t heard of and to find your new favourite! I’ve only received £13 worth of full sized items, but the sample sizes make up for the rest. Its not the best Birchbox I’ve received, but ill get use out of most of my items!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox, use my referral link and each of our accounts will be credited with £5 to use in the birchbox shop!

What did you think of this months Birchbox? Wish you received anything you didn’t? Let me know!

How to pick the perfect foundation

I remember when I was a kid and I was totally clueless that my foundation just didn’t suit my skin type or even match. It didn’t help that I couldn’t afford the Department Store brands where you can actually get matched up by a make up artist, that’s the only downfall of drugstore brands. But it you know what your doing, and hopefully you will after this post, you won’t be as clueless as I was!


What makes a perfect foundation?
First things first… The right foundation shade will dissappear onto your skin. Meaning that it’s the right colour for your skin tone. There is nothing worse then buying a bottle of foundation and it being  a shade too dark or light for your skin. Not a good look. It also shouldn’t settle into fine lines or pores. It should also cover up any redness or unevenness without looking obvious.

Do your research
I research all of my foundations before I buy them, especially high end. There is nothing better then reviews from the beauty blog world for unbiased opinions. The blogger will usually answer questions too if you want to know something about the foundation. (I always make sure I answer my questions I hope other people do too!)

Have a clean canvas
There is no point going to buy a new foundation with a face full of the stuff on, because you won’t get a true colour. Always make sure you properly clean, cleanse and exfoliate your skin to get the most accurate colour.

Know your skin type
Foundations are formulated for different skin types, so knowing yours is important. The different types are oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive.
If your skin is oily, look for words like “oil-free,” “oil-control” or “mattifying” on the bottle.
Women with dry skin should look for moisturizing foundations with “hydrating” or “moisture-rich” wording on the bottle. Foundations containing glycerin glide on easily.
For combination skin, determine if you’re more oily or dry and go from there. Cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin. Mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Decide what coverage you want
I personally love to have a full coverage because i have some spider veins around my nose that I just have to cover up. If you have good skin but just want to even out some imperfections, then a light coverage is for you. If you have blemished or uneven skin tone then choose a medium coverage. Medium coverage can be built up for a fuller look (but always check if your choice can be built up because not all do this well!)

Always make sure you try before you buy!
I wouldn’t dare leave a shop with a new foundation without even trying it. Foundations can look very different in the bottle then it does on your face. Always make sure you take advantage of those samples that are available to you in drugstores. But if you can afford Department store make up, ask one of the make up artists to do a colour match for you. They will usually apply the foundation and then you can shop around and see how you feel about it and then come back later. There is no better test then wearing it for a couple of hours!

How to test out samples in Drugstores
The first thing I will say is don’t apply foundation to your hand for a colour match. Your hand and your face will most likely have totally different tones. I see so many people, kids and adults, applying fountain to their hands. Why not apply it to the place your gonna actually wear it? I usually use my jaw line. I tend to pick 3 shades and see which one disappears. When you think you have the one, try it on a large area of your face. I always take a compact mirror with me when shopping for foundation so I can go outside in the natural light to check out the shade. The lights in drugstores can be harsh, so always choose the shade that passes the natural light test.

I hope you have learnt something from this post and if you have some tips for me I’d greatly appreciate them! We never stop learning, and I’m constantly learning new tips! I’ll keep you updated if I find anything else useful!

EDIT: I’ve received some other really great tips in my comments so I thought I would share them with you!

beckinablog said that if she doesn’t want to try them on her face, she gets a tester of a shade she already knows is a match for her and compare the old foundation to the new one. Great for if it’s a spur of the moment purchase when you already have a full face of make up on.

gwenllianbranwen also said that there are also loads of websites that you can type in foundations you match and then they suggest over brands and the colours you suit.

Clutteredcloset had one idea that I’m disappointed in myself for not thinking of. Carry around an acrylic pot to take samples away or if a counter has no samples, they can put it in the pot for you to take away! Brilliant idea! Stock up your acrylic pots girls!

Keep them coming, I’ll tag everyone that I think is a really good tip!

December Glossybox First Impressions

Hello beauties! So i have been away a lot lately. Partly because I’ve been getting ready for Christmas, and I just felt like a bit of time off! So I’ve had a pretty big back log of posts i need to write up, including this Glossybox First Impressions.


So obviously it being December, its a Christmas box! i received mine really early in the month which was really good. i guess Glossybox were trying too get them out of the way to break up for Christmas! So lets get onto what i received!

Skin Pep Hydra Boost Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Hydra Boost contains the clinically proven cell communicating ingredients, Hyaluronic acid, in a perfume free, alcoholic free, hypo allergenic formulation that will promote a healthy new skin glow.

Some of us received a Skin Pep sample in our September Glossybox which was the Brightening Enzyme Acid Peel . I wasn’t overly impressed with it to be honest but i am keeping an open mind with this one as its a different product. This is a 15ml sample which is a pretty good sample size considering that the other samples of Skin Pep we got were only sachets. Ive also noticed on the packaging that this product is also Paraben Free which is always good in my books! A full sized 70ml bottle will set you back £24.99

TreSemme Nourish & Renew Tonic


With tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil the salon quality tonic will instantly help nourish your scalp and renew your hair.

I love receiving hair products as i use a lot on my hair to keep it in good condition. I also suffer from dry scalp so this product is very welcome. This is a full sized 150ml item worth £5.50 i love TRESemme products so I’m sure i will love this one. Can’t wait to try it out!

All That Jazz Professional Nail Lacquer


All That Jazz UK is a brand that has a colour to suit everyone. The colours are set to fit any season or trend, they are extremely hard wearing and long lasting.

As soon as i saw this i thought it was the perfect shade for Christmas! It’s a glitter based polish with a slight red tinge to the gloss. The shade is called Kristina’s – Lipstick Is Our Obsession. This is a full sized 15ml bottle worth £9.98 I’ve made my money back from the TRESemme item and this, which is good! I have tried this out as i couldn’t wait and a full review will follow soon!

Bella Pierre Cheek & Lip Stain


Bella Pierre Cheek and Lip Stain is super blendable, 2 in 1, handbag hero to finish off any look

I haven’t ever used a stain for my cheeks so this will be new territory for me. The shade i received is Coral. The tub doesn’t say how many grams it is, but the full sized item is 5g and is worth £12.99 and i don’t think its much off 5g.

Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets That Chap. Day & Night Spot Stick


This double ended product is a real saviour. It has a day time formula and an evening formula to work on spots all day long.

I’ve revived items from this range before quite a while ago through Glossybox. I don’t get very many spots, but when i do they are big! I’ve currently been using a Superdrug own Tea Tree spot stick treatment which has been working wonders, so id love to know how this goes up against my current one! The only problem with reviewing this is id need to get a spot to review it, and i don’t really want that to happen! This is a full sized 7ml stick worth £3.79 loving all the full sized items from Glossybox this month!

So those are all my items this month! I’m happy with my products, but nothing really wowed me like previous boxes have. But at the same time, i have received a lot of full sized items so i cant really complain, and some good sample sizes. I’ve got my money back from all the products, but i would like to receive items from ranges I’m not too familiar with, like you seem to get with Birchbox. Full reviews will be available soon.

If you’re interested in subscribing to glossybox if you could use my referal link I get 200 glossybox points for every referal!

What did you receive this month? Anything you wish you had gotten, or not received? Let me know!

My Make Up Story Tag

Hello beautiful people! I’ve been away alot recently I know, but I’ve got involved with a group that takes care of the homeless over Christmas. This includes collecting donations from people in my area, making up care packages and organising everything. It’s been so hectic and with working a full time job at the same time, it’s really took it out of me! But Christmas is all about giving, and it makes me feel good that these people that are down on their luck or lost in the world at least get something for Christmas. I’m so gutted I won’t be able to go out Christmas Eve to give out the packages due to work, but I’m glad I got involved at all. So I’m sure you will forgive me for my absence. Anyway, back to the post.. I love doing these make up tags. I love seeing other people’s answers, and getting to know each other a bit better! I was tagged by the lovely Becca from Beck In A Blog. Check out her blog, she has amazing content and I always enjoy reading her posts

1- How old were you when you started makeup?
The earliest memory I have was when I used to get my mom to paint my nails every Sunday before school in the later years of primary school, when going into high school I started to wear face make up. I grew to be one of the emo kids with too much eyeliner ha.

2- How did you get into makeup?
I always used to watch my mom apply her make up and it used to fascinate me. I always found myself going through her make up bag and looking at her products and playing with them.

3- What are some of your favourite brands?
At the moment I am loving Mac. I’ve only recently got a counter by me at my local shopping centre. Before I would have to go into Birmingham city centre to selfridges, but I always found the make up counters there quite stuck up so I never went! Not Mac personally but other ones that didn’t make such good first impressions! Other high street brands I’m into are rimmel and revolution.

4- What does makeup mean to you?
It gives me confidence. I always say if i didn’t have freckles and such pale uneven skin I wouldn’t wear foundation everyday.. But that’s totally a lie.

5- If you could only wear four products on your face, what would they be?
Foundation, Mascara, Eyebrow pencil and powder.

6- What is your favourite thing about makeup?
Probably how it can just transform your face completely, especially with contouring.

7- What do you think about drugstores VS high end?
I’m getting more into high end recently, but I buy alot of make up so I think the high street brands are kinder to my purse! But I am trying to just buy products lately that I need and not what I want… But I always say that and never stick to it…

8- What is one piece of advice you could give to a beginner?
Always find a foundation that matches and always try it on your jaw line! I see so many people in shops trying shades out on their hands and your skin on your hand is not the same as your face! If your at a counter which has a assistant ask them to do a colour match.

9- What is one makeup trend you never understood?
I’d probably have to go with Bec and say the foundation lips! Excess foundation can be great on your lips. It neutralises your lips for your lipstick to make it more vibrant and it can help your lipstick last a bit longer, but just on its own? I never got that. I still see it today with young kids and I saw it alot in school. Someone should really tell them…

10- What do you think of the beauty community on YouTube?
I love watching toutirials on YouTube, the only person I’ve ever really watched on YouTube is Zoella. I’m not much of a YouTube person to be honest. I know some people can sit at their computers for hours watching videos but I never got it..

I tag anyone that wants to do this and everyone that has read it! Thanks for reading x

December You Beauty Discovery First Impressions


Hello beauties! So on Friday morning I received my you beauty box. This month’s box is all about party prep. December is the party month with Christmas and new years, so let’s get onto what I have chosen this month!

Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix


Get body fit with body slim fix, a 2 in 1 fast acting fitness formula to hydrate and tone the skin. Brand new to the Nip + Fab range, this daily toning body moisturiser works to sculpt and refine your body contours for a firmer, slimmer and more toned appearance. Ideal for use post workout or after a hot shower, this is the ultimate fitness partner to use alongside exercise for unparalleled results.

I’ve never used any Nip + Fab products so I thought this was a good time to try some out. I’m trying to get my arms more toned, so this is the perfect product for me to use. Hopefully if I see some improvements, it will be one of my staples! We will see..

COLAB London & Rio Dry Shampoo Duo


Introducing the new sensation in dry shampoo couture , where an instantly revitalised look comes to you straight from the can. Revive & refresh style anytime, anywhere. London, a classic yet contemporary fragrance of bergamot, musk and magnolia. Rio, a carnival of tropical notes with Papaya, Pineapple & a heart of cassis.

I purely got this because I actually need some dry shampoo at the moment, so perfect time to try our a new one! Love that you get a sample of each one, and they are good sample sizes too at 50ml a can.

Extra Treats


Hikers Foot Healer

Contains tapioca powder to help prevent rubbing from shoes and borage oil, shea butter and grape seed oil to help nourish and repair the skin at the end of the day.

Yardley Hydrating & Enriching Body Lotion

A light and easily absorbed body lotion with a quick drying silicone based formula making it perfect for everyday use.

Pretty pleased with the size of each product to be honest! A pretty good choice of products too, these two will definitely get some use. Reviews will be up when I have had time to use them!

Korres Citrus Body Milk Review

Hello beauties! I hope your all well. I’m so close  to finishing touch  Christmas shopping. The only people I have left are the ones that just don’t know what they want.. I hate that! Especially when they ask you and you tell them what you what… I’m rambling now… Ha. So I got this in my September Birchbox. I started using it about a month ago everytime I had a shower and this is what I thought about this product.


With a nourishing and soothing combination of almond oil, aloe, shea butter and provitamin B5, this lotion will leave your skin feeling super-hydrated throughout the day. The lightweight formula’s citrusy scent is the perfect morning pick-me-up ritual. Plus, there are no silicones, or other synthetics and the packaging is all recyclable.

To maximise hydration, apply post-shower while the skin is still damp.

This first thing I thought when trying this Greek product out is the amazing smell. It smells so fresh, I couldn’t get enough while applying it. As it says, you apply this after your shower or bath while your skin is still damp, which is new to me as I’ve never actually tried any body milk products. To my surprised when it dried, it really did dry matte. I think now the weather is getting colder, I personally need products that really pack a punch in the moisturising area, or I start to get dry spots. This for me is totally the wrong time of year to be trying this. I’d of really loved to have tried it in the summer when you really don’t need that full punch of moisture because it just makes you even hotter! Probably my fault for leaving it so late, but it’s so hard to get through all these products! Although a little too drying for this time of year, I smelt it on me all day! I might have to put this away for when it gets warmer again.

I feel that I can’t really make a fair decision on this without trying it out when it gets warmer. Personally, this isn’t the time of year for me to try this out. This seems like a rather non review review, but I’m just voicing my opinions!

What did you think of this product? Did you enjoy it? Let me know!

December Empties

Hello beauties! I can’t believe it’s December already, I remember new years last year like it was a couple of months ago. So I only tend to do an empties every other month because I’m so awful at actually using stuff up! I never like to post our a few things so I like to save up for a nice bit post!


I’ve got a good mixture of products this month, ranging from make up, Bath products to Skincare products. I’ve got quite a lot this month so lets get into what I’ve used up shall we?



I don’t know why I never use alot of make up. Maybe because I get bored of using one thing and I move onto the next.. But something I will always use up is foundation. The foundation I’m talking about is the Max Factor All Day Flawless 3-1 Foundation. I’ve done a full review of this that I’ve linked too. I’ve brought about three bottles and I’ve really loved it. It’s got a medium coverage, but it’s easily built up to a full coverage, it has concealer and primer fused in, and it lasts pretty well! But it’s time to move on! I’ve moved onto the Mac Studio Fix Fluid which I will be reviewing soon.

The next thing I used up is Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I’ve done a full review of this also. This is an easy on the purse primer. I did notice after a while of using it, it kinda dried my skin out after a while so I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again. I’m currently using Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer which I’m really enjoying and I’m finding that because it not a silicon primer, it’s hydrating my skin more.

Bath Products


I love my bath products. Anything that makes me feel more relaxed is right up my alley. I love bath oils, so I got through this little beauty Kenipp Pure Relaxation Bath Oil pretty quickly. It smells gorgeous but unfortunately not very moisturising to skin. I’m currently using another which is extremely moisturising so it makes up! I actually for this in a set from Reify who is from Germany in our Beauty Swap, and I’ve actually seen that they have this brand in this month’s You Beauty Discovery Box! I’d advise anyone to get it!

The next item in my empties list is Avon Sense Passion Exotic Show Gel. The thing that annoyed me about this is that it’s a bugger to actually open! But on the upside it smells amazing so I won’t hold it against Avon! It smells so floral, I can smell it in the bathroom for hours after I’ve been in!



The next thing I’ve used up is Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner. I really try to take care if my skin, and toners are something i use everyday after washing my face. This is my second bottle of this now and it’s so cheap! You can get a 200ml bottle for a couple of quid. Toners restore the PH balance in your skin after you have washed it, so it’s always a good thing to use! I love simple as a brand. Definitely getting another.

You’ve seen me post about this and you know my views on it, I’m talking about the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. If you haven’t, I’ve linked it for you to check out. I received this in a Birchbox a while ago. I’m really disappointed with this because of the actual ingredients in it. Some people have commented saying they have had break out from this, and I’m not surprised with all the alcohol in this. I usually love benefit skincare products, and to be fair it is an alright moisturiser, but it just let’s it down with all the claims it makes when it’s just impossible with the lack of effective ingredients. I definitely won’t be buying this full size.



This is always a section in my empties that’s always going to be jam packed! Mostly because of the amount of products i use on my hair to maintain it, but also because I have so much hair! The first product I’m gonna be talking about is Syoss Oil-In-Cream Remedy Mask. I recently did a full review of this that I’ve linked if you want to check it out. As you can see, I squeezed everything I could possible get out of this tube! I’ve really loved this. This is a Keratin products that repairs the structure or your hair. The really crap thing about my hair is that because I bleach is, it tends to snap off alot. From this, I feel that it never actually gets any longer! But when I went to visit my hair dresser, she actually said how long my hair had gotten! You never notice yourself, but after she said it, I agreed! And other people have noticed too. I got this again from Reify in our beauty swap. I’m on the prowl for another tube! Really loved this. If you can get your hands on this, send me a tube!

You all know I love a good hair mask. I really need them with my hair to hydrate it from what the bleach takes out, so I’ve been using Avon Heavenly Hydration Hair Mask. I’ve done a full review of this linked if you want to check it out. I’ve used another Avon hair mask which is the Blissfully Nourishing Hair Mask. While looking through the latest Avon brochure, I couldn’t find it! Which is gutting because it smells amazing, which is the only thing missing from the Heavenly Hydration Hair mask. It leaves my hair feeling so soft so at least it’s not a total loss! I’ll be buying another tub of this!


I’ve been trying to get thorough some of my shampoos that i haven’t used up. I tend to start using a shampoo, and then I buy another type and use that instead and so on.. It’s a vicious circle. The first one I’ve been using up is The Body Shop Banana Shampoo. I don’t think I’ve ever done a review on this because I’ve had it sat in my bathroom so long unfinished. Banana is one of those smells like marmite. You either love it or you hate it, and I love it. It’s not the best shampoo ever, and that’s probably why I swapped it for another shampoo, but it does smell yummy!

My next shampoo is one I’ve been loving for a while now, which is The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo. When I first started this blog, this was one of the first thing I reviewed. I have alot of trouble with dry skin on my scalp, and this seems to be the only thing that battles it, although it’s not the best for the colour in my hair so I try not to use it all the time, just when I start to get an itchy scalp. I’ll definetly be purchasing another one. I’m on the prowl for a shampoo that battles dry skin and also is suitable for colour hair, so if you know of anything let me know!

And finally! Last, but certainly not least.. My old friend Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil. I’ve done a full review of this that I’ve linked. Again, this is one of the first things that I actually reviewed on my blog. I use this after I’ve washed my hair, which makes it easier to brush and leaves it silky soft when I’ve dried my hair. I can’t count the amount of bottles I’ve had of this, but it’s alot! It’s around £4 for a 30ml bottle and it lasts be a couple of months, so for anyone with thin hair it’s gonna last you so much longer then that. This is definitely one of my staple haircare products and nothing has come close to this.

Phew! That was long! Maybe I shouldn’t do one of these every other month! If you’ve used anything I’ve used up please tell me what you thought of it too! Thanks for reading x