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Hello beautiful people! I’ve been away alot recently I know, but I’ve got involved with a group that takes care of the homeless over Christmas. This includes collecting donations from people in my area, making up care packages and organising everything. It’s been so hectic and with working a full time job at the same time, it’s really took it out of me! But Christmas is all about giving, and it makes me feel good that these people that are down on their luck or lost in the world at least get something for Christmas. I’m so gutted I won’t be able to go out Christmas Eve to give out the packages due to work, but I’m glad I got involved at all. So I’m sure you will forgive me for my absence. Anyway, back to the post.. I love doing these make up tags. I love seeing other people’s answers, and getting to know each other a bit better! I was tagged by the lovely Becca from Beck In A Blog. Check out her blog, she has amazing content and I always enjoy reading her posts

1- How old were you when you started makeup?
The earliest memory I have was when I used to get my mom to paint my nails every Sunday before school in the later years of primary school, when going into high school I started to wear face make up. I grew to be one of the emo kids with too much eyeliner ha.

2- How did you get into makeup?
I always used to watch my mom apply her make up and it used to fascinate me. I always found myself going through her make up bag and looking at her products and playing with them.

3- What are some of your favourite brands?
At the moment I am loving Mac. I’ve only recently got a counter by me at my local shopping centre. Before I would have to go into Birmingham city centre to selfridges, but I always found the make up counters there quite stuck up so I never went! Not Mac personally but other ones that didn’t make such good first impressions! Other high street brands I’m into are rimmel and revolution.

4- What does makeup mean to you?
It gives me confidence. I always say if i didn’t have freckles and such pale uneven skin I wouldn’t wear foundation everyday.. But that’s totally a lie.

5- If you could only wear four products on your face, what would they be?
Foundation, Mascara, Eyebrow pencil and powder.

6- What is your favourite thing about makeup?
Probably how it can just transform your face completely, especially with contouring.

7- What do you think about drugstores VS high end?
I’m getting more into high end recently, but I buy alot of make up so I think the high street brands are kinder to my purse! But I am trying to just buy products lately that I need and not what I want… But I always say that and never stick to it…

8- What is one piece of advice you could give to a beginner?
Always find a foundation that matches and always try it on your jaw line! I see so many people in shops trying shades out on their hands and your skin on your hand is not the same as your face! If your at a counter which has a assistant ask them to do a colour match.

9- What is one makeup trend you never understood?
I’d probably have to go with Bec and say the foundation lips! Excess foundation can be great on your lips. It neutralises your lips for your lipstick to make it more vibrant and it can help your lipstick last a bit longer, but just on its own? I never got that. I still see it today with young kids and I saw it alot in school. Someone should really tell them…

10- What do you think of the beauty community on YouTube?
I love watching toutirials on YouTube, the only person I’ve ever really watched on YouTube is Zoella. I’m not much of a YouTube person to be honest. I know some people can sit at their computers for hours watching videos but I never got it..

I tag anyone that wants to do this and everyone that has read it! Thanks for reading x


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