December Birchbox First Impressions

Hello beauties! I know I know I’m a bit late with this one! But it’s here now! I’ve been very pleased with Birchbox lately, so i was really excited to receive this box.


With the festivities in full swing, this box was put together to get you ready for the party season. This months box is also in collaboration with accessories designer extraordinaire, Sophie Webster.

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream


Give skin a plumping boost with this ultra hydrating lotion infused with Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

I realise that i forgot to add this into the main picture.. mainly because i have actually been using it a bit. This is a Birchbox exclusive. Its a 10ml sample. Full sized item is worth £50. This is what i prefer about Birchbox to Glossybox. I have an item which is high end, with a good sample size and by a brand I’m not too familiar with. This product is also Paraben Free which i always love.

Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo


Help to repair damaged and improves shine with this nourishing, moisture rich formula.

Again, this is another brand I’m not too familiar with. This is a sample 30ml sample size which will probably only be good for one wash with the amount of hair i have! I’m curious to see what it will do to my hair because mine is quite damaged from bleaching so i use a lot of products to keep it healthy.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Smoke


Your smoke eyes just got as easy as 1-2-3 with this pigmented jumbo pencil

I’ve never really been one for these pencils for your eye shadow. I don’t know why but i always think of when i was a kid and i used to buy these cheap eye shadow pencils that were atrocious colours that were too glittery and would just rub off within an hour. It will probably take me a while to get around to using it because I’m quite set in my ways when it comes to my make up routine. However, it is a colour that i would use so i guess ill have to make myself try  it out when i have more time when doing my make up. This is a full size 4g Birchbox exclusive product worth £8.

Benefit Christmas Cracker High Beam


Open the cracker to discover Benefit’s High Beam; a suits all skin tone liquid illuminator

I’ve heard good things about this product so I’m really excited to try it out. Benefit products are always welcome because they are a lot of money and i like to know they are worth all that money before actually taking the leap, which is why i think Benefit get involved with a lot of beauty subscriptions. I love the cracker too! such a lovely idea for Christmas.

Models Own Nail Polish Obsidian


Matte, yet sparkly. This multi dimensional shade has a velvet finish that we’re obsessed with

I love the colour, i love the glitter, i love Models Own… i don’t love the Velvet top. i hate velvet. it makes my skin crawl. When i first received it, i had to put tape around the top just to try it out!ill be doing a review of this item soon, but one thing i did notice is that when applied, you don’t get that rough surface some glitter nail varnish sometimes leaves! This is a 14ml full sized bottle worth £5.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil


A fine blend of pure rosehip oil for when your skin’s in need of some extra nourishment.

I have a lot of skincare items to get through so i can see this being a while until i have a chance to properly use it. I’m really curious about it though because again its a brand I’m not too familiar with. This is a 2.5ml sample. A full sized bottle is worth £16.50

Lifestyle Bonus
Sophia Webster Purse


Take a walk on the wild side with this leopard print pouch from the converted designer and the Birchbox collaborator!

This will come in handy, and it really is lovely! Might keep it to put in my bag for nights out since its so small.

So that’s my Birchbox for this month! I have loved that most of the items were from brands I’m not familiar with, which is the whole point of these beauty subscriptions, to try out products you haven’t heard of and to find your new favourite! I’ve only received £13 worth of full sized items, but the sample sizes make up for the rest. Its not the best Birchbox I’ve received, but ill get use out of most of my items!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox, use my referral link and each of our accounts will be credited with £5 to use in the birchbox shop!

What did you think of this months Birchbox? Wish you received anything you didn’t? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “December Birchbox First Impressions

  1. I am actually loving the Eslor Day Cream – but I don’t know if I can spend £50 comfortably for the full size?! But still, it’s a good sized sample so should last a while 🙂
    And oh maaan I wish I got the trilogy oil instead of my exfoliator! haha I’ve heard such good things about Trilogy and about rosehip oil! Looking forward to seeing your reviews on it 🙂

    • I have so many oils to get through! Think I might cancel a subscription cause I never get through everything, but then I always have to miss out on anything! I tried the shampoo today and there wasn’t even enough to wash all my hair.. So can’t really review that as I had to use another shampoo to actually get some lather! I have too much hair..

      • Haha oh noo! Im not going to use the shampoo because i think it has sulphates in it and ive beengoing sulphate free the last few weeks!
        i know what you meant though i struggle to get through 1 box and review, id never keep up with loads of subscriptions!

  2. The trilogy rose hip oil is good, you can use it all over but when I had a bottle I mostly used it on my face. I have really oily skin that is also really dehydrated, I was dubious about using it on face but I found that is actually helped a lot! I think my facr was producing too much oil because it was so dehydrated, and a few weeks of using this seemed to kind of regulate it? Lol not sure how. Never replaced it though because the big bottle was quite expensive x

    • I think the only product I’ve ever actually brought from a beauty subscription was Egyptian Magic cream. It’s about £30 a tub but it’s so good. I find it hard to use all these facial products up because I’m in love with it so much!

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