My Favourite Products Of 2014

Every year I always think the years go faster. I remember last new years eve like it was last week, well.. Some of it anyway!


2014 is nearly over, and 2015 is just about to begin. I’ve tried to pick a few items ranging from skincare, hair care and make up..mostly make up though! I’ll link my reviews for each item in the product title. So lets move onto the products shall we?

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder


I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve repurchased this. It’s such amazing powder that sets my make up and keeps my oily parts of my face at bay. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not handbag friendly. I’d really love it if they did a snap lid version with a mirror, I’d totally buy that.

Real Technique Buffing Brush


I think a real technique brush is gonna be on most people’s lists, but I’ve really loved this one. I could of put some of the eye set on too, but i only wanted to pick one. This has made my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation look Flawless. They told me in the Mac store that I should get one of their brushes to get the best effect, but I think I’ll stick to this beauty. It’s never lost any strands, every time I clean it it’s comes back brand new and it’s been put through its fair share of work!

Avon Make Up Setting Spray


Surprisingly, my review of this setting spray is my most viewed posts on my entire blog. I get a view on this post nearly everyday since posting, and I can see why because it’s amazing and keeps my Make Up perfect all day. You hardly have to use any, and I still have over half a bottle left and I brought it ages ago! I don’t use it everyday, but I use it when I need to. Although I love it, I purchased  the Macs setting spray to see how it weighs up. Might do a High End v High Street post!

Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil


I’ve been using this Eyebrow Pencil as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to get into the powder kits because I can never find a shade in the powder kits that suits me as much as this blond pencil does. It stays put all day, it comes with a brush to neaten up your brows, it lasts months and it looks totally natural!

Mac False Lash Waterproof Mascara 


I’ve had alot of trouble trying to find a mascara that won’t leave me with panda eyes. Although I have yet to try out a few i purchased a while ago, this one has been my life saver. Although I would like more volume from this mascara, I’ll pick no panda eyes over volume any day.

Avon Advanced Techniques Dry End Serum


If you have read my empties, you have probably seen this in some. I can’t remember how many I’ve brought, but it’s alot. My hair is bleached so i need products like this to add moisture. I’ve used other serums, but nothing yet has left my hair feeling so soft and healthy.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream


You all know I’ve been boasting about this product. Not only is it a skin cream, but you can use it on your hair too! It also helps with alot of skin problems. You can read all about it in my testimonial post. At first I was very dubious about this product. It seemed so greasy to start with, but the product absorbed into your skin so quickly. It’s all about getting the perfect amount of product. You can use more product and use it as a hydrating mask. The possibilities are endless! I’ve had a tub of it now for a couple of months and I use it every night before I go to bed, and I haven’t even made a proper dent in it!

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1


Ive been using this palette not stop since buying it. It’s a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette. It’s got a great mixture of totally wearable colours that last all day. Why spend the extra on an urban decay when you have its sister for £4?

So those are my picks for 2014! I hope you have a great new years Eve and day and I’ll see you next year!


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